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Cendol on the way back from Sekinchan to Kuala Lumpur

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On our way back from Sekinchan, we passed by 2 cendol stores

1) Cendol Durian Bohran 
We did not get the chance to try this. We are so full after a great lunch at Cha Po Tian, Sekinchan.The most important thing is CS dislike durian. =.=||| Although he did not mind I eat durian, he will not talk to me or in any way of communication if I consume durian for 5 days. =.=|||
 2 things caught my attention.
a) Mr Bohran Put his portrait so big. We can help notice when we drive pass the stall. This is consider quite abnormal in Malaysia culture. Usually I saw this kind of advertisement in South Korea.
b) It was crowded during 2pm. To cater that big crowd, The stall have big car park too.

2) Cendol Bakar, Drive Through
We quite surprised that it was quite jam when we approach a stall. They even have RELA( volunteer police) to direct the traffic. At first, I thought it was a Malay Wedding ceremony going on but it was just a food stall. Before I notice clearly what the stall sell, CS already park his car. As we walk nearer, only we realise it was selling cendol too.

 It was around 3.30pm, our tummy have a bit space for dessert time.

I was inspired by the stall owner to have drive through concept for Malaysian dessert. Drive through usually can only be seen at fast food stall. While queueing up to order the cendol, I read up the recent stall interview by local newspaper.

Cendol Bakar does not mean it bbq or burn up the cendol. I can't imagine my cendol burn up to become black jelly. They roast the gula melacca ( traditional coconut rock sugar) to enhance the aroma. Thus, the syrup is really special than other stall.  CS and I agree that the syrup tasted so good, we really want to refill. We were quite shy as we did not see order refill.

We really have great fun explore unknown food stall along the roadside.


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