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Thank you Year 2012

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31 December 2012

7.30am Depart to Batu Caves
8.00am  was confused with the Batu Caves signboard and entrance but finally successfully reach. pay RM2 for parking fee
8.30am start climbing the 200++ staircases.
9.30am go Jalan Genting Klang for Breakfast
10.00am Found a great shop that serve very big portion of noodles while price is still cheap
10.30am Reach home, take bath
12.00noon doing laundering and spring cleaning
2.00pm study for exam
5.00pm depart to KLCC
5.30pm only realise the passage way between KLCC-KLCC convention center -pavillion was closed..
6.00pm detour to Jalan Penang
6.30pm reach Pavillion KL
6.45pm meet up with friends
7.00pm searching for restaurant as Sukiyaki shabu shabu was packed with people
7.30pm having dinner with 8 friends in Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant
9.30pm leaving to KLCC LRT station
10.00pm finally reach LRT station after through a big crowd.
10.30pm reach home
11.00pm sleep

...Pretty normal day... nothing really special happen on the last day of year 2012.


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