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Yardley Pastry @ Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru

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23 December 2012

Yardley Pastry truly a great place for good friends to gather.
Year end, is a great time to clear annual leave. a few of my best friends decided to visit Singapore for Christmas count down. They stop over at Johor Bahru for some rest. As Yardley Pastry was quite famous online and on Facebook, we decided to high tea here.

 Chocolate Drink
Very delicious as it truly used chocolate powder not the usual Milo powder.

All the swiss rolls from yardley pastry

The waitress was quite shock when we mentioned "Please serve all the cake available in your shop". 
There are 8 of us. We really want to try out all the cake there.I quite like the Japanese Blancmange series.
It is very unique. It is like a milk pudding that roll up inside a cake. Yet the pudding was not hard at all. the pudding was soft and just the right texture with the cake.

Scallion Cheese Roll was my favourite among the 13 types i had tried. It was surprised to see scallion as an ingredient in cake. Usually scallion was used as decoration on dish or soup. It really surprised us that cheese an the unique taste of scallion stand out among the swiss roll. It may be due to all the cake was quite sweet yet scallion cheese roll is unique in its way. It really give a good memory for us. Even until this day, among our friends., we still can remember scallion cheese roll taste.

CS comment is nice ambience place. The mango swiss roll was really great as if we are eating mango itself.

161 Jalan Sri Pelangi, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru, Johor
016-738 3679 


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