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许留山, Hui Lan Shan@ 1 Utama

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13 Jan 2013

Hui Lan Shan is famous for its mango desserts. I do not have the chance to taste this when i visited Hong Kong in 2011. I was great to see its branches open in Malaysia.
Mango Romance RM12.90

I got the chance to taste 3 types of desserts.
Top left: We really have no idea what is it? It does not taste like cheesecake or cream. Not really my favourite
Middle: This is like mango ice shake with glutinous ball. The combination is special as the mango shake is sweet and icy, the hard glutinous ball was too hard to chew when it mixed with ice
Top Right: Mango ice cream is the best among the dessert we order. Another things that interested me is the coconut noodle. It really taste like coconut but in noodle shape.The thickness is just nice for us to chew. I really like this bowl of dessert

mango, coconut milk with black glutinous rice RM8.90

BF have a liking of mango sticky rice after he visited Thailand. Thus, every time he saw this 3 key words, "mango", "sticky rice" and "coconut milk". He can't resist the temptation to order. The mango ice cream did go well with coconut noodle but not with coconut milk. I taste sourness when eating mango ice cream and coconut milk. the sticky rice is a bit too hard too.

Overall, the dessert was just normal and do not really give me a strong impression. The price is high may due to the supply of mango.


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