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26 March 2013

Live in the present, Plan for the future, Learn the lesson from pass then forget it..........
I am back in my hometown for 2 months now. It is great to be back with family.

I facing new challenges too. Long distance relationship with my boyfriend. It was a endurance and patience test for us. I do grumble and sad when thing does not work as plan. However, looking forward is a good solution for my relationship with him. I do not place much hope. May the fate decide our relationship.

This year I will not travel much. I currently focus on my master study. Travel plan will be postpone till I complete my study. Thus, on and off,  I will post my recent travel journey or food i think i should revisit.

But, Next week, I will be visiting Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Once I visited, I completed my foot prints in Malaysia. I will officially Malaysian that traveled all the states.  May the trip be safe and smooth.


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