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Ler Review on Kota Kinabalu Trip

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Sabah, The Land Below The Wind is truly beautiful place to visit. Its nature beauty and culture attract me the most. It seem to put a charm on me. I felt like buying a flight ticket and have fun in Sabah again. With this journey, I am proud to say I am MALAYSIAN. I visited all the states in Malaysia. Yeah Hoo. (^^)

This trip is quite a special one. First 2 days of the trip, I was hiking in Mount KK. Last 2 days of the trip I was island hopping. This is called all rounded travel, 上山下海。

Mountain Hiking Review
I need to admit that I do not have a good training plan for Mount KK. CS been consistently trained up his stamina by jogging and go hiking in Gunung Nuang. It was very enjoyable at the first 3km of Mesilau Trail. From 4km onward, my speed began to slow down. I became more tired and lost focus. Mountain guide, Willy told me that I fainted 4 times. I was surprised. I did not calculate how many i faint. I only knew I was dizzy and difficulty in walking. This symptom is called hypothermia. (More detail. please refer to my Mesilau Trail Experience)

Island Hopping Review
This is the first time I see Islands so near to a city. I truly enjoy the boat ride, crystal clear sea water and greenery. It is sad to hear that most of the coral around Sapi Island, Manukan island and Mamutik Island died off. Hopefully more conservative activities can be conducted to save the nature gift.

Million Thanks to 
1) Ah Tong, leader of our 3 mountain guides. 
He was the eldest among the mountain guide. He is like a father where he will keep telling "are you OK?" , "keep Going", "Willy and Adin is behind you". Those encourage word  truly warm our heart  when hiking mount kk. Ah Tong is like a wizard too. As we chat, we found out that Ah Tong like to "appear" suddenly next to us. At one moment, he walk pass us then after some time, you rest for a moment, Ah Tong is right behind you. You continue walking.. Suddenly out of no where, Ah Tong will appear beside you telling us how to step on the rock. I was very amazed with Ah Tong's ability.

2)Willy, mountain guide 
He is like a brother. He kept follow me to ensure I have ample rest. Around 5km of Mesilau trail, with those heavy bags on his back, he still can hold my hand and pull me up the staircase. He is a joyous person and keep joking with us. He is very serious when seeing our team members have injury or any sign of sickness.

3) Adin, montain guide
Adin is a bit quiet. He prefer to listen to his mp3 along the way. When any of the team members is slow, he can trail back so fast to find the member back.

4) CS, my beloved boyfriend
I truly appreciate he organised this trip for us.  I learn to trust him through this experience. He never left me when I in sickness. Although his motivation techniques need some brush up, he did not let go in helping me. I may not able to walk to the peak. I am grateful to have him help me all the way to Timpohon Gate. He sacrificed a lot for me just to take care of me. In the end, he have to plan another trip to mount kk.

5) Grace, Silver, Drivers from TrekFinder
Thank you Grace for arranging good transportation due to our different flight scedule. Thank you Silver for telling us story on KK. Thank you drivers for fetching us even though it is midnight.

6) Sabah friends
for introducing good food for us. However, I still not yet tasted tarap fruit, Sheng yok Mee and Tuaran Mee.

Thank you for helping each other during this hiking.

8) Sunny Rainbow Tours

mountain hiking package by trek finder = RM840
late night transfer = RM60
seafood dinner = RM46.60
airticket = RM115
luggage fee = RM25
island hopping = RM30++ ( can't remember since CS bought me the ticket)
breakfast = RM20
sleeping bag rental = RM10

TOTAL: RM1146.60


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