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Food journal in Kota Kinabalu - Part 1

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Name: Buffet Style Breakfast

Place: Mesilau Nature Resort Restaurant

Price: included in hiking package
Review: The omelet is great with lots of vegetables. The curry chicken is nice too. However due to hiking, I dare not to eat too much santan. I only eat one piece of chicken.

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Name: Bat Kut Teh

Place: Da Ban Bat Kut Teh, 大班(夜市)肉骨茶

Price: RM50.20

Review: The soup is lighter in taste compare to Klang style bat kut teh. The meat is tender soft. The pork meat ball is normal. The dry bat kut teh is a bit too salty for me.We are surprised that drink need to order in another shop. The boiled vegetable was great. No photos was taken because we are too hungry.

Name: Breakfast

Place: A shop in Gaya Street

Price: RM5.50 for danish noodle

Review: The portion of our food is very generous. The cook give lots of ingredient for each bowl of food. I learn up that one bowl of noodle can be share among of 2 persons. The porridge is very delicious. I order danish mee but not really my liking. It is too oily.The yee mee shape look different from peninsular yee mee. Sabah yee mee taste great too. I was surprised to find Yee Mee in Sabah. Yee Mee was not found in Kuching, Sarawak. Some of my Sarawak friend no taste Yee mee before too

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Name: Tea Break

Place: Perahu Restaurant, Sutera Harbour, Pulau Manukan

Price: RM87.00

Review: The price is abit high compared to main land. The club sandwich is really filling and delicious.Once again, I am too thirst... forget to take photo


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