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Food journal in Kota Kinabalu - part 2

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 Sambal Belacan Fried Kang Kong RM8
Deep Fried Butter Mantis Prawn RM52

 Garlic Fried Paku Pakis RM8

 Steam Fish with Soy Source RM72
Clay Pot Fish Head RM72

Name: Seafood Dinner

Place: Welcome Seafood Restaurant ( near to Cititel Express)

Price: RM233.00

Review: The sambal fried kang kong was delicious but just a bit too oily. The garlic fried paku pakis is a must to order. It taste so tender and good. CS complained the mantis prawn has too little meat.  The main dish is grouper fish. There is nothing to discuss on the freshness of the fish. I like the idea recomend by the waitress. A grouper was cook into 2 different dish. It body and tail was steamed with soy souce. We can taste the natural sweetness of the fish by this correct timing of steam. (I am hungry again). The fish head was deep fried and stew in claypot. CS prefer the claypot fish head as the texture of the fish was more rich. I really recommend this restaurant for simple cooking style of seafood.

Name: Kaya toast bread

Place: Fook Yuen ( next to Cititel Express)

Price: RM10.20
Review: Kaya toast bread is good but it is not the best I ever tasted. I understand the number system is good so customer can wait and take themselves. However, it was so confusing on which counter to take our order. In the end, we feel stressful in eating because need to keep looking at the number plate. The service need to be improved.


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