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Island Hopping @ Pulau Sapi and Pulau Manukan

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Pulau Sapi is also known as Cow Island
Pulau Manukan is know as Chicken Island
Pulau Mamutik is known as Duck Island

Around 11.15am, we finally walk to Jesselton point. There are many tour operators at the ticketing hall. If not mistaken, there are around 11 tour operators.

I like Jesselton point ticketing system. All the tour operators have the same price. It is up to us to choose the one we one. Unlike my previous experience with Bali water Sport Company, I need to keep bargain for the price.

A small advice, please check whether the tour operator placed their staff on the island too. We choose sunny rainbow tour & travel. It is good that there will be a staff from sunny rainbow checks our ticket when we reach the island. The staff will remind us our ship departure time. From my observation, some customers have to keep running around the harbour to check which boat is theirs. Sunny Rainbow staff helps us to solve this problem
·        This is purely my experience sharing.

Around 12.00 noon, we reach our first destination, Pulau Sapi. Pulau Sapi is the smallest island among the 5 islands. I was surprised that there are many tourists from Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan were there. Most of the people came to this island for the barbeque seafood buffet. When they enjoy their lunch, we got the chance for  our “eye” feast.

Since we did not opt for the buffet, KH, Leow and Catherine decided to try out Para Sailing. CS did not found it interesting so he stayed back with me to take photo. As I just recovered from hypothermia, I was quite worried I would vomit in the sky. I just sat in the boat enjoy the scenery

Para sailing
Couple seat = RM180
Single seat = RM90

-> Talk nicely to the staff, who know they mind give you discount price.
·        -Double check the timing of para sailing with staff. We were told each player have 15 minutes time in the sky. However, KH and Catherine only got to pay around 8 minutes. In another case, Leow only got to play for around 4 minutes. The staff did apologize with us. It meant 15 minutes on the boat and includes playing para sailing.

At 1.15pm, we departed to Pulau Manukan. To me, Pulau Manukan was like Pulau Sibu, Johor. Pulau Manukan have twin beach too. We did absolutely nothing on the island but relax. We enjoy our light aka expensive lunch in Perahu Restaurant. The restaurant was run by Sutera Harbor Company too. Island always gave me a feeling of relax and slow motion style of life. Our food only arrived after 45 minutes of wait.  The Club sandwich was very delicious. Due to my camera no battery, photo was not seen in my food journalpost.

Around 3.30pm, we left the island and go back to Jesselton point. There are some Korean boys just completed their swim in the boat too. Due to their short wet hair, KH experienced wet hair spray during the boat journey. I could not help laughing, as the situation was too funny.

It was sad to see that most of the coral on these islands have passed away. Hopefully, more conservation can be done to keep the island beauty.


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