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Dhamma: Questions Answer with Youth by Ajahn Brahm

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1 May 2013

I attend Dhamma sharing  on youth with Ajahn Brahm at Metta Lodge, Johor Bahru. Below are some summary from the talk.

Q: What is the Buddhism view on sex before marriage
both party need to know the consequences. When lust come, we some time can not control it. Thus we need to understand the consequences of our action

Q: If a girl was raped, is abortion allowed.
The girl will need the decision based on 4 conditions
1) the decision was not made based on personal reason
2) the decision was not made out of fear
3) the decision was not made  due to illness
4) the decision was not made due to delusion

Once the girl made the decision, we only can support her to the maximum. No judgement or comments should be made. We are not the girl who been through the suffering. We are not in her shoes. Thus the best solution from her family members or other is to support her to maximum.

Q: I read a article before. " the one who plan for future is a realistic". This statement is seem to be conflict from Buddhism view which is "live at the present moment"
Ajahn Brahm quoted with a story

One upon a time, a king went for hunting and hurt his finger. the doctor cured the king's finger.
King: Will I get well?
Doctor: Good. Bad. Who know?

The wound get worse. The king went to the doctor again for treatment.
King: Will I get well this time?
Doctor: Good. Bad. Who know?

The king was not unhappy. After some time, the wound get worse and the fingers need to be amputated.
King: How was it this time?
Doctor: Good. Bad. Who know?

The king was very angry this time. He closed the doctor in jail. He asked the doctor again
King: Are you happy in the jail now?
Doctor: Good Bad Who know?

The King left the doctor in the jail. After some time, the king left for hunting again. This time he was captured by some aborigine. It was the prayer day for the aborigine. They need a perfect persons as god sacrifice. The king was tied to a tree. After some prayer, the priest took a knife and prepared to kill the king. Another priest stopped the priest. He noticed the king only have 9 fingers. The king was not fitted as a sacrifice. Thus, the priest left the king back to his castle.

The king immediately release the doctor from jail. He thanked the doctor that one lost finger save his life.
King: What do you think know?
Doctor: I am luckly. I do not go hunting with you. If I was captured too, I will be murdered be cause I have 10 fingers. so Good Bad Who knows

The moral of the story: We can't predict the future and we are not sure weather the future is good or bad. We need to be flexible and able to change to each situation. We still plan for future but always be flexible. Not stubbornly stick to the plan.

Q: If I am in relationship, how can i balance my life between study, work, love and religion?
It is best to have a partner same religion belief as you. So both of you can attend religion activities together. It is a great relationship if your relationship was blessed by religion teacher too.

Q: How to focus in study?
A; Make the study interesting. Why you can watch drama without any difficulty? Try to apply the same tactic in your study too.


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