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GE13 - My first time vote experience

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Before GE13,  the battle of 2 main parties was so intense online and offline. The war even spread into my family.

Based on the way both parties promote their manifesto, dad and I agreed that the former ruling parties had higher chance of wining.   Social media can only influence those have internet access. Rural area folks still rely on traditional media.

However, my mum strongly disagree. She been argued with us on the issues. She wanted us to be more optimistic on PR. The fight did not continue. Just on and off, mum kept remind us the latest ways of voting.

5 May 2013 Sunday
The awaited day.
5.00am wake up to do my assignments
7.30am ready to go to polling centre but my family members still asleep
8.00am we have a great breakfast time while watching news
9.30am my parents finally decided to depart to polling centre. The reason is too many people queue
             up in the morning
9.45am registered at polling station and walk to our assigned room. My assigned room is the longest
             one queue
10.30am my turn to vote in the room. Bag was instructed to left at the floor with SPR. tissues was
               asked to throw away. After voting, I realised my finger was nicely coloured front and back
               compared to other rooms' voters.
11.00am we accompany dad to another polling center. He took only 15 minutes to vote. Not much
               people there
12.00noon we went touring around Gelang Patah area to have the first hand experience of the "hot"
                   zone. I saw a lot of BN cars fetching voters
1.00pm reach home and have lunch
2.00pm do assignments
5.00pm sat in front of TV watching GE13 news
6.00pm ate dinner in front of TV
7.00pm kept looking at facebook app on GE13 news
8.00pm sleep due to toothache
11.00pm wake up to catch up on news.Internet speed was terrible.
12.00am The result is terrible slow so go back to sleep

6 May 2013 Monday
4.00am wake up to watch news. BN won 133 seats while PR won 89 seats.
8.30am reach company. The whole company kept discuss on GE13.
9.00am noticed that Facebook have a lots of black profiles.
12.00noon Facebook keep poping  the word "don't lost hope"

I love Malaysia. However, I am speechless the way Election Commision conduct GE13. 


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