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Birthday Celebration @隆盛食立坊 Restaurant Loon Sing, Bukit Indah

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15 September 2013

 Longevity Noodles
The waiter is good at divide the noodle into 10 bowls. I like this noodle but my family members think it is normal. Nothing special

 Lobster Combination Platter
The fried egg, lobster ball and lobster seafood toufu receive well response from family members. Too sure why the salad less people eat. I prefer the salad more than other.

 Buddha Jump over Wall.
Nice soup. It is very light, not oily and full with seafood  sweetness.

 Steam Fish
I am not sure what fish is this. Dad said is "Sun Hock". The fresh is very thick and sweet

 Fried Prawn Ball
This dish is quickly finished up by the meat lovers in my family. I allergic to prawn. CS love it because no need to peel shell.

 Roasted Suckling Pig
It is very crunchy.

Glutinuous Rice with Red Bean Paste and Gingko
We take away this dish since can not finish it.

There is another 2 dishes I do not managed to capture it. It is broccoli with mixed mushrooms and yam flavor snow ice cream. My siblings been aiming for the desserts for quite sometime. Before I noticed it was served, they start scoop up and ate half of it.

The bill for grandmum birthday is RM1700++
May all grand mums stays healthy and happy

51, Jalan Indah 15/2,
Taman Bukit Indah 81200
Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Tel: (+607) 235 8933

My Reviews:
Service: 4/5
Delicious: 4/5

Extra Add On:
I did some background research on the restaurant after the dinner. I not sure on the whole incident on JBTalk. Refer to the link below, Mr Simon Hew had clearly stated on the high employee turnover rate. I agree with him. Johor Bahru is a border city near to Singapore. Most people will take Johor Bahru employment as jumping board before enter Singapore market. 

However, our servers were local. They been very great at servicing and attending our needs. They were very polite too. All the best to Restaurant Loon Sing. Hopefully they can overcome the high employee turnover rate and maintain good quality food.



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