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Malaysia - Thailand - Cambodia 4x4 Cross Countries Expedition in Year 2002

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Recently, I found back some of the essays. Those essays are written by my siblings or me during secondary school or primary school time. It is very interesting to read back our expedition. We joined this expedition with Penang 4x4 Adventure Club.  This is one of the best adventure in my life. We drove all the way from Johor Bahru to Cambodia. Yes,  TRAVEL BY ROAD. It is an experience once in my life time.

Thanks you parents for giving us such wonderful experience. The cost of this expedition was unknown. I was only Form 3 students in 2002. I only know to eat, sleep and play to the fullness.

Mitsubishi Pajero was a wonderful car. I really miss the  time travel with family members with this great car. 

Malaysia-Thailand-Cambodia Expedition 
Author: Ler 

Day 1 (20 December 2002)
We met at Makro which situated in Butterworth at 10.30am. After having some refreshments, we convey to Surathanni. It was a long journey and we reach there at about 8.00pm. My cousin took us to a restaurant for dinner. We managed to have a nice and proper dinner although we have difficulty to communicate with the waitress.

Day 2 (21 December 2002)
We went to Prachup Khiri Khan. Prachup Khiri Khan is a small village beside a beach. The scenery there is as beautiful as paradise. We spent about 40 minutes on taking pictures with those fascinated scenery. We had our dinner at a famous Tew Chew restaurant at Hua Hin. At 9.00pm, we convey to the city of angel, Bangkok. The traffics there were very busy although it was nearly midnight when we reach there.

Day 3 (22 December 2002)
After breakfast, we went to Sunday Market by taxi. This market is as big as 7 football field. We are unable to walk to all stall around the market before we went back to hotel. Sill, we managed to get some nice, new clothes which cost less than 10 baht.

Day 4 (23 December 2002)
We went for city tour on coach. We went to the floating market. Not much things are sold there. Even the tourist boats are more than the sellers’ boat. Next, we went to Wat Arun, a temple. It is an old but beautiful temple. After lunch, we went to rose garden. We went to see the Thai cultural show and elephants’ show. We were “trapped” in the Bangkok traffic jam and we had to cancel our trip to the Four-faced Buddha. At night, we went to the paper doll show. We were tired when we went back to our hotel at night.

Day 5 (24 December 2002)
We went to M.B.K, the largest shopping center in Thailand. We managed to do some last minute shopping here as this will be the last day we stayed in Bangkok. At night, we went to German Beer House for dinner and also Christmas Eve Celebration.

 Day 6 (25 December 2002)
 We convey to Poipet, the border of Cambodia. Unfortunately, we failed to get into Cambodia as the custom had already closed. So, we had to stay at Arrayaphatet.

4x4 cross countries expedition. It is a lifetime memory.

 Day 7 (26 December 2002)
We managed to get into Cambodia but not our cars. So we had to stay in Holiday Palace, a hotel in Poipet.

 Day 8 (27 December 2002)

We convey to Siam Reap. The road which leads to Siam Rip was very rough and dusty. I had a terrible time.

 Day 9 (28 December 2002)
We went to one of the 7 wonders of the world- Ang Kor Wat. It’s old, big and beautiful with some mysterious sound, wind. After a simple lunch, we convey to Phon Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. WE reach there late at night.

Day 10 (29 December 2002)
We went for city tour with a coach. In the torturing museum, we get to know the bad side about human beings, how cruel they are….. After lunch, we went to the Grand Palace. There are Buddha statues made of gold, diamond, silver and jade. After visiting Grand Palace, we went to Phon Phen for shopping. We had pool side dinner at night.

 Day 11 (30 December 2002)
We went back to PoiPet after breakfast.

 Day 12 (31 December 2002)
From PoiPet, we went back to Surathanni

 Day 13 (1 January 2003)
We managed to do some last minute shopping in Suratthanni. Then, we went back to Bukit Kayu Hitam. We stayed overnight at our aunt’s house.

Day 14 (2 January 2003)
We depart early in the morning and reach JB at 4.00pm


We are very proud to drive our national car, Peroduo Kembara to Cambodia. I think we are the first Malaysia produced car to reach Cambodia. It is quite a good car but too oil consumption. 

 A trip to Thailand-Cambodia 
Author: One of the siblings

We flag off at the shopping at Penang MAKRO. We drive all the way to Thailand-Surattani. We stayed in Wang Tai Hotel. On the next day, we drive all the way to Hua-Hin. We ate at a famous Teoh Chew restaurant. After dinner, we drive all the way to Bangkok, city of angel. We spend 4 days in Bangkok.

 On the first day, we went to the biggest fashion market (Sunday market) in Thailand. On the second day, we went to the floating market. After that, we ate Thai food for lunch. After lunch, we go to Rose Garden. We watch the Traditional show and the Elephant show. On the third day, we go out on city tour. On the fourth day, we depart to Cambodia. We played at the Casino in Pot Pet. The next day, we go to Noghn Phon.

The next day, we go to the capital of Cambodia, Phon Pet. We spent there for two days then one day.

The next morning, we go city tour. We go back to Thailand the next day. We celebrate New Year at Surattani. The next day, we go home.

 Custom of Cambodia and Thailand

 PS: no sentences structures or grammar was changes to keep the originality of the essay. 

All characters accidentally or intentionally  in the photos are censored due to copy right and respect to them.


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