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PCS Farewell Dinner @ Thistle Hotel,Johor Bahru

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18 August 2013

More detail of the dinner can be view from UTM MBA Study Journey

Table Setting 
Our class have the chance to practice table etiquette. 

The bread is warm. The crust is hard but the bun is very soft. Bread tear into small pieces then spread some butter. put the small pieces in mouth and chew it. This is the correct way to eat bread.

 Ham and Vegetable Salad
Shrimp Cocktail with Bouquet Coleslaw & Garlic was supposed to be served. However, I have certain seafood allergic. The captain was kind enough to change the appetizer for me. The cherry tomato is very sweet and delicious.

Creme of Tomato Infused with Lemongrass
The soup is very thick. It is just cover with a thin layer of creme. I not sure how they cook the soup till so thick. It is not that sour but with a bit of spice taste. 

Pan Fried Atlantic Salmon serve with roesti potatoes saute vegetable and balsamic & glazed garlic sauce.
The portion of fish is very big. Most of the girls could not finish this dish. I found the salmon a bit too dry. The pan fried vegetable is great. I was delight with the fried spinach texture. It is very crispy. 

Vanilla Creme Brulee. A classical creme brulee with assorted fruits
Nothing to shout about. I prefer creme brulee to be more smooth. I admire the peach slice. It was beautifully cut.

Total cost for this event is RM150.

Jalan Sungai Chat
80100 Johoor Bahru,


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