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Introducing My Unforgettable Travel Story

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In Dec 2001, we joined Penang 4x4 Adventure Club for over countries trip.The destination is Golden Triangle, Thailand.

The uniquness of this trip is we drive. Yes, drive all the way from Johor Bahru, Malaysia to Mae Sai, Thailand. Johor Bahru is the most southern city of Malaysia. It is the border city to Singapore too. Thus, the round sum of the trip is 2000++km.

The important event dates
14 December 2001 - Pulai Penang to Hatyai,
15 December 2001 - Hatyat to Huahin
16 December 2001 - Huahin to Chang Rai

18 December 2001- Chang Mai to Mae Sai
19 Demcember 2001 - Mae Sai to Chang Mai

Other places and event dates I forget to record down.

Why is it so unforgetable?

1) No Toll on Inter-Changwat (Province) Highway Map
This is an eye opener for Malaysian. I was surprise to find that we need not to pay to use their highway. Although the highway is not as good as Malaysia, it is good enough for 4x4 car to drive on it

2) There are food stall next to petrol station
In 2001, Malaysia' petrol station purely fo filling pertrol purpose. I was just a secondary school kid. I found it very interesting to be able to eat inside petrol kiost. Another funny incident I remember is ordering food. Our convey with 40 cars reach a remote area. It was late afternoon. Most of the food stall have packed away. Our leader brought us to one of the petrol kiosk. At the petrol kiosk only left 3 stalls out of 10 stalls still operating. Frankly speaking, the stall owner just resting there enjoy their cup of tea.

I still remembers their facial expression. All 40 cars parked around the petrol kiosk. The adults rush around to order food. The stall owners were very confused and shock. Not sure how to handle all hungry people. Our leader just stepped forward. He spoke with fluent Thai and order 160 meals. 

I could not remember the taste of the food. I just knew all the three kitchen were in chaos. Some of our members become servers. Some ladies help to cut vegetables. Some ladies kept an eye on the wild squirrel and rat bodies in the fridge. Yes, some part of the world, there are people consume different kind of protein.

By the time, we ate finish. The stall owners told us we ate up one week of their food storage. They were very happy too since they make enough money for that weeks. I still remember the big smile on their face when we left.While except the cook. He seem very exhausted to keep cooking.

3) Mountain of cherry blossom
Girl love pink. I really enjoy Mai Selong, beautiful scenery. The whole village is full with cherry blosson. They were in the full bloom too

4) Thai food is very spicy.
I was 14 years old that time. I not able to eat too spicy food. Northern Thai food are less spicy.

5) Mother's bargain skill
 We visited lots of night market during the trip.  We realise that there are 2 kind of price in night market. One is local price. One is foreign price. One of the event was ordering Thai fried noodle or Pad Thai in night market. Mum have learnt some simple thai. She understand the some simple thai number. The table next to us pay less than us. Mum was arguing politely with her broken thai. How my mum succed? I have no idea. The stall lady just give in to my mum.

6) Beautiful scenery
Northen Thailand scenery was very beautiful. I will let photos speak the word.
This trip been in my memory for more than 10 years. I still remember the coolness of the wind while sitting in the car. The warmness of Thai people when we asking for road or help. The beautiful mountain and garden scenery of northen Thialand. The simple custom of Thailand to Myanmar. I really enjoy the trip much.

Thank you Korean Air Southern East for giving us the opportunity to share unforgettable travel story.

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