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Hin Hock Bat Kut Teh, Boiled Fish @ Tampoi, Johor Bahru

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13 October 2013 

What is Johor Bahru Home town food? (Based on  my opinion)
  • Taman Tasek Kuei Teow Kai
  • Tampoi Sha Hu
  • Kolam Air Laksa
  • Skudai duck
  • Mee Rebus
  • Bang Heong Seng Begger Chicken
  • newspaper street mee hun kui / pan mee
  • sedap corner kuih muih
  • kolam air tosei
  • Mum cook food
  • the list will keep going so i stop here.
 This time, I decided to record down Tampoi Sha Hu. One of my favourite old Chinese shop. I never able to remember the shop name, Hin Hock Bat Kut Teh. Most of the JBrian only recognised it as Tampoi Sha Hu. The shop been in Tampoi since my father time. May be my grandparent time too....

"Sha Hu" or Hin Hock Bat Kut Teh have moved its shops. It currently located near to Jalan Skudai. I found the new shop have better ventilation and more car parks. While waiting for the dishes, try out the otak-otak. It is quite delicious. It is a family of three operating the muar otak-otak stall.

Ample of car parks

I really like this shop. The cooks are mostly local. It been some years I seen the boss trained up these young boys. Hopefully they can continue the legendary old shops.
Boiled toufu with minced meat. 
This dish very suitable for elder people. It can be easily swallow.This restaurant still use charcoal to cook. Thus the taste of the food is very good

Boiled "Tou miao"
It become our family tradition. We only order this dish. The minced meat for boil vegetables is less salty and lighter taste compare to toufu
Chinese Tea
Boil Talapia
The fish is boiled to perfect tenderness.  It is very tasty with the garlic source.
Bat Kut Teh
I salute to the old boss. He seem to limp or paralyses on his left side.  He still slowly scope up the meat, cut into small pieces and boiled in the claypot before serving. Thus, bat kut teh always is the last to be served.

This is a restaurant I will bring my other state friends to eat. 

Total: RM60.00

The address I forget to write down. 
It was located next opposite Mercedes band shop.
You can view it from Jalan Skudai too.

  • Although it stated open at 7.30am, they often need 2 hours to set up the restaurant. Please understand that it take time to use charcoal to boil water.
  • Pick the fish you want.


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