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What to do when your luggage is lost?

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Last week, I met 2  friends  who lost their luggage.

Friend A
She joined company trip to nearby countries. Once arrive at the airport, she was shocked to find out that her luggage is not on the convey belt.She immediately inform the airline company and tour agent. A lost report was made. During the whole travel trip, she need to buy new garments and other necessity to replace. Lucky, she can borrow her colleague's charger to charge her phone.

Once the trip ended and reach back hometown airport, she went to the lost counter to check on the progress. It was a miracle. She found her bag among the "hill" of lost luggage. It seem that the counter personnel did not tag the bag properly. The bag was left in the hometown airport all this while. That was the reason airline company was not able to trace her bags.

Friend B
He went to Africa for business trip. He was required to transit a few countries before reaching his destination. Unfortunately, he was not able to produce a valid travel visa during one of the transit. The main reason was that countries embassy was not operating due to unknown reason. How he solve it? I not sure. 
duit kopi??

When he reach hometown, airline company called to inform that the luggage was found. The luggage will be courier back to him.

Friend C
This happen during my last Bali trip 2012.  Before we enter the flight cabin, another round of security check point was needed. He put his bag for x ray scan. However, after he pack his phone and wallet from the x-ray security check, his bag was not found. He was not able to make any report too due to time constraint for the flight.

Tips to prevent/handle lost /delayed luggage problem
1) prepare some light travel garment in your personal bag
It is essential to have something to wear. Some countries just do not have the facilities for us to buy new garment. Friend B have to pay much higher price to buy his new set of garment before meeting client.

2) Make lost report with airline company
Airline company will take care and trace your luggage properly.

3) Make sure your checked in luggage is tag properly
At check in counter, please monitor that counter personnel stick or strap your luagge with the luagge id. the luggage id number usually will stick with boarding pass or passport. You can use that number to make lost report if the luggage was not found. 

4) Pray for safe and smooth journey
I believe some time praying will help to improve your luck.


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