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Food Republique @Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru

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6 January 2014

Thanks to Ben and Ms Kim Tan's invitation. This is my first food tasting invitation. The exciting part is I got the chance to meet Johor Kaki's author, Tony. Johor Kaki food blog is very famous among Johorian and Singaporean. I am so happy to meet him personally.

Texas Mexico Sauce
Texas Mexio Glazed Sauce
We are here to tried out this newly created sauce.
The sauce is purely vegetarian (contain onion). The uniqueness of this sauce is It will taste differently with the main dish.  It may look like "Rojak" sauce but it is totally different. "Rojak" sauce have this pungent smell. However, this sauce have fruity with a bit honey smell. Try it yourselves. ^^


Tortilla Nachos RM12.90
It is a Mexican originated snack. The salsa source is made out of tomatoes, lemon juice, onion and basil leaves. The secret of the salsa source is "garden fresh". I can really taste the chilled and sour sauce with the crispy nachos.

Fried Polenta RM8.90
This dish is seldom sold in local  western restaurant. The reason is polenta flour not often sold in Malaysia. We are very lucky to have Ben bring us this dish to Johor Bahru. Ben shared some background of polenta. The corn flour we often see in the market are in white powder form. The specialty of this polenta is crushed from corn. Polenta has a creamy texture due to the gelatinization of starch in the grain. However, it may not be completely homogeneous if a coarse grind or hard grain such as flint corn is used (Wikipedia, 2013).

This is how the crunchy palenta look inside. It is very soft inside. 外脆内软 I really like the creamy  texture.

Bruschetta Appetizer RM6.90
The toppings was served chilled with the lighted toasted french toast. It is best use our finger to pick up. You can taste the vinegar and sweet tomato. The vinegar is really great do not have pungent smell. The slightly warn french toast act as catalyst when chew with the topping. 
(PS: Please watch Korean drama "Jewel in the Palace" to have better understanding on vinegar.)

 Main Dishes
Salmon Ala' Carbonara Pasta RM28.90
The ladies like this dish very much. It is very creamy and thick texture.The fresh tomato cubes  add some sourness in this dish are a great combination. You should see  Kim Tan's  facial expression when tasting this dish. She really enjoy this dish. For me, this dish is a bit sweet. I prefer light pasta.

Smoked Grilled Chicken Burger RM20.90
If you can not consume beef, tried out this smoked grilled chicken burger. It is very juicy. Addition to it,  Food Republique used special burger bun. That is why their burgers are the best seller. 

Texas Glazed Rib Eye RM55.90
The rib eye is cooked to medium well level (70%). It is time for us to taste the beef with the new invented sauce.  The beef tasted a bit salty and have a bit pineapple smell.
Personally, I prefer the boiled vegetable with the texas mexico sauce. 

Texas Honey Glazes Burger RM24.90
This is currently the best burger in my list. Reasons?
  • The cheese just melted on the hot grilled burger meat
  • There are sliced of bacon on the meat patty 
  • I can pulled the cheese very high up before it break
  • the combination of meat patty, bacon and cheese is so perfect 
  • Not to forget the bun. The bun is very soft. It absorbs some meat juice and bring out the taste. The bun did not go soggy like  other bread does. 
  • To describe the perfect state, please watch anime "妙手小当家"。 The anime describe better than me

Texas Glazed Salmon RM52.90
The salmon slide is very thick. The salmon tastes a bit sweet with the sauce. While the prawn tastes a bit spicy. To avoid taste boredom, it is advisable to take a bite of salmon then a bit of prawn.Then,  You can always taste something new. I personally also recommend the smashed potato. It is very smooth. No small chunk or big chunk in it. I really like the boiled vegetable. It has sweet potato in it. However, the sweet potato disguise itself like carrot. When we eat vegetables, it is like playing hike and seek with taste bud. 

There will always be another stomach for dessert 
~ quoted by Ler

Hot Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream RM9.90
The brownies was baked by Ben. The edge  of the brownies is a bit crust and crunchy. As you slowly eat into the center of thee brownies, it is very soft.  The right way to taste this dessert is
1) use spoon or fork to cut a small edge and taste the bitter sweetness
2) take a bit of ice cream and some brownies
3) continue the above steps

Then you can taste the difference. First bite is bitter sweet. The second bite you can feel the hot brownies then a bit  of cold ice cream. It is a very exciting taste bud experience. Not sure why when  tasting this dessert remind me of   Katy Perry - Hot N Cold Song

Ler's Reviews:
Service: 4/5
Delicious: 4/5
Parking: 4/5 
(quite easy at night, as much of the shops are not operating at night )

72, Jalan Kuning,
Taman Pelangi, 
80400 Johor Bahru, 
Operating Day: Monday to Sunday
Operating Hour: 12.00 noon to 10.00pm

 Out of Topic

 There are many ladies on the table. We decided to slide the corn and share among us. However, the usual method is 
1) use hand to take the corn
2) open your mouth
3) bite into it and chew 

We look at corn. The corn look back to us. When we decided to use our hand to slowly peel it.   Tetetete.......Ben offered his help. 
Ben personally teaches us cut up a corn. It is very cool to see a professional chef slides up the corn within minute.
1) let the corn stand on the plate and slide one side
2) let the corn lay down on the plate and slide another side ( refer to the image above)
3) continue the steps till all the corn is "nude"

Photo Credit : Kim Tan

Food Republique lunch deal is very attractive. At RM25 you can taste 4 dishes. The deal only offered between 12 noon to 3pm.


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