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Toast Box @ Taman Johor Jaya, Johor Bahru

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18 January 2014

Saturday,  a rest day for most of the Malaysians. Some often like to rest a bit longer to catch up on the sleep. Erm... Not in my case, I am early bird. Today, we decided to enjoy our brunch (breakfast + lunch) at Toast Box, Taman Johor Jaya.


Caramel Cappuccino RM7.90

Ice Lemon Honey RM3.50
This drink need to stir well before taste it. It is very soothing for my throat. 

Nanyang Coffee RM2.30
The roasted coffee beans are grounded and brewed in this cafe. Thus,  the aromatic smell of  coffee is retained  and presented to the customer.  Toast box process their own coffee bean. They roasted and ground themselves. You can see their toast box coffee package can be seen in the movie "Ah Boy To Man". The coffee is very smooth and fragrance. 

Teh-O RM2.30

Aloe Jelly RM3.80

Toast Bread Series
Peanut Butter Thick Toast RM2.60
Peanut lover, this dish is for you. 

Traditional Kaya Toast RM2.30
The butter is very thick. The kaya is very sweet. My favorite childhood breakfast. I like the butter to be thick too. 

Otah Baguette RM3.50
For me, this is interesting. I often see otak- otak is made into sandwich. Toast Box spread the otak-otak paste over a big piece of bread. Toast it  before serve. It was toast with the banana leaf. It really smell very "Nan Yang" to me. I like this unique idea. The taste is great too. Please eat it while hot. The crust will get too hard after sometime. 

Curry Puff RM2.40
The first thing attract me is the half oval shape. It is very crispy and less oily even after 10 minutes. The puff is filled with chicken bits, potato and half piece of boiled egg. It taste a bit spicy for me. But I like the crust. 

Kaya French Toast RM3.60
The bread is wrapped in egg and pan fried to golden brown. The kaya still very moist in between the bread. 

Local Cuisine / Main Dish
Curry Chicken with Rice or Baguette RM7.50
Fresh chicken drumstick is bought daily from the nearby Johor Jaya morning market. The soup is very light. a very good gravy to eat with rice. The chicken can be easily tear with fork and spoon. Another interesting fact is only this Toast Box cafe served with chicken drumstick. It is usually served with chicken wing. 
Spiciness: 2/10

Mee Mamak
Kim like mee mamak dish. The noodle here do not have alkali smell. The fresh tomato added the extra sourness to the dish. 

Laksa Mee Tai Mak RM7.00
Mee Tak Mak  or "米台目" or "老鼠粉" is a type of noodle that often see in Kuala Lumpur (KL). Toast box use "mee tak mak" as it is much more chewy or QQ. The fried shrimp paste is very tick. For me, it is not that spicy. It is very suitable for kids to try. 
Spiciness: 2/10 

The laksa soup is more to Singapore style. More coconut milk in the soup

Mee Siam RM6.50
Gravy based  mee siam is seldom seen in Johor Bahru. I often eat  dry friend mee siam. This dish is very appetizing because the soup is a bit sour but quite sweet. The peanut paste added extra fragrant to the noodle.  The different between this dish and mee rebus is the gravy. Mee rebus's gravy is thicker compared to mee siam. It is best eat the mee siam with some soup to enjoy better tasting. 

Dessert or Cake
Pandan Chiffon Cake RM2.80
I am very surprised to find a big piece of cake still selling at this price. The portion is quite big

Banana Cake RM 2.40
I prefer banana cake to be moist and fluffy

Butter Swiss Roll RM 2.40
I like this Swiss roll among the 3 cakes. It has a very authentic taste.

Ler's Reviews:
Service: 4/5
Delicious: 3/5
Parking: 3/5 
(No need to display parking coupon on Saturday and Sunday )

2, Jalan Dedap 13,
Taman Johor Jaya,
81100 Johor Bahru,
Tel: -
Operating Day: Monday to Sunday
Operating Hour: 8.00am to 7.00pm

Out of Topic

 Toast Box, Taman Johor Jaya is.....
  • The largest Toast Box  in South East Asia
  • The first Toast Box Cafe with modern rustic setting
  • The first table service concept
  • The first cafe not in shopping complex
  • Ample of parking lots. 
  • A cafe with disability friendly pathway
  • A clean nursing room for mother and baby to rest
  • 20-30% cheaper than other branch
  • The first cafe that serve all time favourite / "四大天王"  Eg: Mee Siam, Laksa, Mee Rebus and Curry Chicken
The cafe has a nursing room. It will be very convenient for mother with baby.Now, parent can  change diaper with baby in this clean and calm room.

A pathway for wheel chair , disable or elderly people. Sometime, kids enjoy running up and down too. While, at least that is what I enjoy when I was a kid.... (Hmm but I still have young heart ^^). We will play with anything we see around.

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Photo Courtesy of  BreakTalk, PrincessNeverland and Carinn



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