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Restaurant Lemon Tree @ Taman Melodies, Johor Bahru

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22 January 2014

Restaurant Lemon Tree..... The first thing cross my mind is the "Lemon Tree" song 's lyric. da dada  de dada da de...... humming along as I walk toward the shop. Gentle breeze accompany me as I walk toward the shop. The sound of leaves rustle and sway as the wind blows. Serenity. Peaceful. This quiet area captures my heart.

Left: Mango Juice Right: Sour Soap 

Honey Lemon RM5.50

Main Dishes

Tropical Hawaiian Pizza RM17.80
I prefer this restaurant Hawaiian pizza. It have lots of  ingredients. Pineapple, cucumber, ham, capsicum, chicken bites and some chilies. It is a bit spicy. 

Island Seafood Pizza RM19.80
Big prawn pieces and lots of tuna meat. However, I prefer thin crust pizza. 

Spaghetti Hawaiian RM8.80
The hams are  saying "Hi" to me. The sauce is slightly sweet. I like to have some spaghetti on the fork while the ham on the tip of the fork. Yummy, Yummy !!

New Zealand Air Flown Rib Eye Steak RM49.00
The salad is nice as it mixed with vinegar. The steak is medium well cooked. I found it a bit dry. May be cook until 50% will be better taste

Mee Mamak
Our "Mamasan"'s special request dish. She really like mee mamak. 

Tuna Bruchetta Cheese Bread RM6.80
Don't the book by it's cover, The bread is evenly spread with tuna before wrapped up by cheese.  Cucumber give the extra crunchy ad refresh filling. The sweet and sour tomato is like the catalyst for cheese and  tuna. The bread is slightly toast. When I bite into it, I can taste different bread texture. Crunchy crust and warm soft filling. 

Mushroom soup RM5.50
The chef used 5 type of mushrooms. The mushroom pieces are very small. Every scoop, I can taste the mushroom. 

Mixed Fruit Salad RM5.50
Fresh and juicy fruit pieces. There are watermelon, orange, pineapple, cucumber, honey melon, cherry tomato and lettuce leaves.  The salad dressing attract me the most. It is specially made using fresh orange jiuce. The dressing is very refreshing and appetizing.  

Spaghetti Seafood Alio-Olio RM12.80
This dish have 4 big prawns. It will tempt you with its fresh seafood. If you like garlic with olive, this will be your dish. 

Special Fried Rice RM13.80
Once upon a time,  there was a client complained the fried rice portion is too small. He request the chef to add extra side dishes for him. First is fried chicken wing. Second is ham and cheese will some black pepper. Third is a bull eye egg. To ensure, the meal is complete will all the nutrition. A small portion of salad is served too. The client visit the cafe regularly. The chef get the idea and named the dish as "Special Fried Rice". There is an interesting way to taste this dish. Pour some black pepper sauce over the rice. Then taste it. It is very different. The black pepper sauce is not that spicy that will burn off  your tongue. However, It add some extra moist and taste to the fried rice. It is  very filling dish for girl.

Tiramisu or "Pick me up" is one of the famous dessert in history. The chef used 3 type of coffee to make this dessert. Every bites I taste differently. What capture my attention is the cheese cream? It is very different. The cream is very fluffy yet creamy. It is very light on my taste bud. Usually Tiramisu cream have this very heavy texture. The chef have secret recipe for this. 

Creme Brulee
 It is very creamy. You can just let the cream play like a child before slowly slide down to the throat. At the bottom of the cup, there are many vanilla seeds. The Chef only use fresh vanilla for this dessert. 

Chocolate Lava
70% dark chocolate. No word can express this dish. Allow me to use image to express my feeling.

There are a few girls go over crazy with this dessert. MUST TRY. 

Ler's Reviews:
Halal?: No Pork No Lard, No Halal Cert 
Service: 4/5
Delicious: 4/5
Parking: 5/5 

(Less / No "saman" or traffic tickets on weekday. Ample of parking lots during night time)

18, Jalan Bedara,
Taman Melodies
80250 Johor Bahru,
07-335 5688
Operating Hour: 12.00 noon to 11.00 pm
Closed on Monday

Out of Topic
Restaurant Lemon Tree has a new extension. The new extension can fit up to around 20 to 30 persons. It will be a great place to host a small private party or gathering.

I was more attracted by the floor board. Couple or anyone can just dance on it without renting extra floor board. 

Advantages of hosting a small event here
  • Ample of parking lots
  • No or less "Saman"/ traffic ticket if the event is on weekday (PS: no need to put parking coupon)
  • KSL mall or hotel is just a few streets away. 
  • Good location ( near to Jalan Tebrau Lama or Jalan Kebun Teh)
  • A private and cozy place for you to decorate during your events
  • Delicious finger food/ food/tapas/canapes by experienced chefs
  • Reasonable price
  • All ingredients or food preparation have HACCP standard
  • Free Wifi for your guests to immediately upload photos

For more information, please visit

Photo Credit to Aud and Carinn

Song dedication to everyone.

PS: I am still singing this song when writing this post. Invited post


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