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Fish Bidding @ Parit Jawa Market, Muar

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3 January 2014

Mr K brings us to the market to buy fish. He ask us to buy the fish we want to eat. My dad is busy choosing fish with Mr. K.

I am more interested with the fish bidding process. This is the first time I see a live fish bidding process.
Mr. K explained that

  • most of the Chinese fishermen are "Teo chew" dialect
  • fish sellers and fishermen have 2 different job scope
  • mackerel / "Tong Ah" fish are usually catch by fish cage. 
  • Mackerel fish will only be reserved for Muar since it is the main ingredient for Otak-Otak
  • Only Mackeral fish that  grow in Muar sea bed are the best ingredient for Otak-Otak
  • Muar people been experienced with Mackeral fish from other place around Melacca Strait (Example: Pontian). However, the taste just very different.
  • Muar folk will only used Muar produced mackeral fish for otak-otak
  • If no fish, they will not produce otak-otak. Else otak-otak with squid or shrimp will be produced.
Fresh fish on the third day of Chinese New Year

Fish cleaning process

The fish bidding process are
  1. Fisherman (uncle wearing white T-shirt with blue collar) will put the freshly caught fish on the floor
  2. Middleman or fish seller will check the fish
  3. Fisherman will keep shouting the fish name and asking for bet. ( I don't know "Teo chew" dialect. My mum translates and explains to us)
  4. middleman or fish seller will whisper their price to fisherman.
  5. After collect a few price, the fisherman will direct the highest bidder to the table. 
  6. On the spot, middleman  or fish seller pay it. 
  7. The bidding will continue with other type of fish.
This process open up my mind. I always thought only Japan practice bidding for Tuna fish.  I really learn something new. 


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