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Johor Bahru Chingay游神 HUAT AH~~~

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19 February 2014

Not sure since when the word "HUAT AH" , "HENG AH" is very popular among Malaysians and Singaporean? During "lao sang", we shout Huat ah..... During Chingay prayer, the MC will also keep shouting HUAT AH ... HENG AH..... The interesting fact is no one seem to know the origin of this 2 popular term. I been asking around my relatives (old Johorian). "Huat ah" and "Heng ah" is only popular this few years. This few years may be dated back to 2007.  My father agree that this word wasn't used during his childhood.

Thus, I make an hypothesis. The 2 term is originated by Singaporean.. That was told by my Singaporean relatives. Why? Singaporeans like money.
  • "Huat"发 is in Hokkien dialect
  • "Heng"兴 is in Teochew dialect.
  • "Ong" 旺 not sure

Chinese in Johor Bahru are mostly Teochew dialect and Hakka dialect. This 2 terms seem to be exciting and increase festival mood. Malaysians and Singaporeans are like brothers. Thus, throughout the Chingay, you will keep hearing "HUAT AH"... "HENG AH" ...

There are 5 traditional Chinese opera show. It is meant for 5 deities.
  • Yuan Tian Shang Di (原天上帝) or Tua Lau Ya (大老爷)for the Teochews, 
  • Hong Xian Da Di (洪天大帝) for the Hokkiens, 
  • Gan Tian Da Di (感天大帝) for the Hakkas, 
  • Hua Guang Da Di (华光大帝) for the Cantonese 
  • Zhao Da Yuan Shuai (赵大元帅) for the Hainanese.

Back to topic. I do not join the night parade this year. As a family tradition, we will go for prayer at the Xing Gong along Jalan Ngee Heng before the night parade. Since most of the devotees will come for prayers too, we need to park our car at Jalan Tun Abdul Rahman Andak. Jalan Tun Abdul Rahman Andak is very near to Jalan Ngee Heng. We need to walk a small path in  funeral parlor to reach the Xing Gong.

dragon dance to pay respect to the deities.

Fire work performance 

An interesting way to ensure your kids' safeness. Parents will put their kids at the back of the lorry. One of the parent or grand parent will stand around the lorry to make sure the kids is in place. While the parents go for the prayer, kids can enjoy any performances(lion dance, dragon dance, Chinese Opera or just jumping in the lorry. Once completed prayer, the parent will carry the kid down from lorry. Is it a great tactic?

Small tips:
  • Avoid double parking as it will cause trouble to other car owners
  • Avoid parking at the entrance whee the is clear and big sign board wrote "DO NOT ENTER". There is a black car causes a delay for a funeral. Xing Gong is just next to funeral parlor. Please respect other too. The RELA are having a bad time locating the black car owner. "Susah kan orang sahaja"
  • There will be "miracle" rain after cleaning street activities
  • Before the night parade start, there will be another "miracle" rain. It happens every year. The rain seem to be cleaning the street and reduce the heat. So that the participants can enjoy cool wind.

Video Credit: Quan Video Photography



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