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Seng Huat Fish Soup @ Taman Kebun Teh, Johor Bahru

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23 February 2014

路邊一棵榕樹下 是我懷念的地方
晴朗的天空 涼爽的風

My dad is a old Johorian. Everytime, he passed by this stall, he will sing this Chinese oldies <榕樹下>. Frankly speaking, Seng Huat stall is under a rambutan tree not a "Rong Shu".

Ler : Pa Why You always sing this song? This is clearly a rambutan tree.
Dad: hahaha, look behind the stall.

I turn around. Yes indeed opposite the Seng Huat stall is a small coffee shop. The small coffee shop have a "Rong Shu" tree there. My dad used to grow up that during his childhood time. He like to tell us the story growing up in that area. (That will be another post on Old Johor Bahru Stories)

I finally have a chance to eat this fish soup. It used to be "kuew teow kei". Recently, it change to the fish soup stall. I couldn't remember when it change. The stall bosses are very busy. I have no chance to ask them.
I like the food order system. 
1) Park your car
2) Take a number plate like above. Remember to check the number plate with a clip on top
3) Find a place to sit . The number plate must face the stall owner side. (Dad said it is for good "feng shui")
4) When previous orders is done, a boss with white cap will take a clip and ask your order
5) Remember to place your order fast. He will scold if you order too slow. 
6) I learn to rap the order to him
7) Clip is taken away. Please don't expect the boss to double confirm the order or have eye contact with you. However, he confirm will hear your order clearly. 

That is my order experience.

Fish soup (small)
I find the soup is a bit salty. Previously, the soup base is just nice. The fish ball is very QQ.

Fish dumpling made of Fish paste.
It is recommend to order middle size fish soup. Middle size fish soup have more ingredients. For example, fish slices and fish dumpling. Small size fish soup don't have this 2 ingredients.

Dried Mee Pok (small) RM6.00

Ler's Reviews:
Non- Halal
Service: 3.5/5
Delicious: 3.5/5
Parking: 3/5 
Not easy to find a parking on weekend

Seng Huat Fish Soup
Junction of Jalan Tun Abdul Razak and
Jalan Kebun Teh

Operation Hour;
Monday to Sunday
7.00am to 2.00pm 
(usually around 2.30pm, they sold finish)

This blog post is dedicated to my dad. He really love this song


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