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Mystery Room Escape @ Bandar Jaya Putra, Johor Bahru

 Mystery Room Escape (previously known as Cluedos Escape Game) is the first room escape concept game in South Malaysia, Johor. It was launched on 5 November 2013. Msytery Escape Room's boss, Mr Anson was inspired by the escape room game in Thailand. Thus, he brought the local edition of escape room to Johor Bahru. Yeah... we can play it in Johor Bahru too.

When Audrey invited us to play, I was very excited. I love watching anime. Watching character like Sailormoon, Sakura, Natsu escape maze seem fun. It was exciting to see the main character in the anime to break through maze and reach their enemy. My favourite maze game is D.Grey man. Allen  walker just went berserk when confronting with the Noah Twin. The obstacle set by the twin just remind him of Cross Marian. Watch the anime then you will understand what I mean.

Enough of anime.. Back to the topic, 7 of us booked a session around 2.30pm. There are 3 levels.
  • Beginner - One Piece
  • Intermediate - Prisoner's Torment
  • Advanced - The Curse of Pharoah
Anson suggest us to try out the hardest game, "The Curse of Pharaoh". Looking at the hall of fame, most of the past participants able to finish on time. I wasn't worry on finish on time. I more worry what is inside the room. I keep asking the game master (GM).

Ler: Got scary thing?
GM: No
Ler: Later got people jump out how?
GM: No, this is not hunted room.
Ler: What if I stuck there?
GM: You can call for help
Ler: Can bring google with me?
Gm: Erm.. you not supposed to bring in hand phone
 Ler: O.O (how am I suppose to live without GOOGLE.......)
Aud: Ler keep your things here
Ler: WHAT???
Aud: ya lah, you can't bring it in.

Damn, I was still panic with the fact that I can't bring in my smartphone. With a slightly jelly feet, I walked into the room with other girls. Game master roughly explained us to us on the first stage of the game. Then he left us to solve the puzzle.

I just love Carinn 's expression in this photo

I can't reveal much detail of the game. It will spoil the excitement. There were 2 incidents that I would like to share out

1) Hot MAMA rule the world.
Eryn and Jennifer were the hot mama in our group. They wore high heel shoes to play the game. You can imagine as 2 super models wearing  high heel shoes and impersonate like "Black Widow" from the movie Avenger.  They really walk very silently. When I am in fear, they  just place their gentle hand on me to encourage me. Really got angel feeling.... ( LerLer must be watching too much anime)

The most EPIC part was sliding their shoes through one of the obstacle.One of the obstacle, They need to take off their high heel shoes. But you can't carry them. So they just slide toward me. phew shhhh.. the shoes just slide gracefully to me. I was quite amazed.

2)Not scary at all. It just involve some physical movement and lots of THINKING EXERCISE
No one will jump out of the way or come out from the closet.... Sound effect may be.. light effect may be. Prop effect maybe..... It is not scary at all. It just sometime ....the mind tricked. I can't help it when I see something moving in the dark. Some foreign object moved. AAAAAHHHHHHHH............ It scared the girls too.  When everything calm down, there is really nothing. phew It really tested out my fear factor too.

The winning team  in 59s. With the help of 7 gorgeous and smart ladies and 1 game master, we are the winner. 

Try to find our photo on the wall of fame. ^^
PS: there is #macherie on it

Escape room concept is not just a fun game but more to education game. It help us to learn to cooperate with each other. We girls were brainstorming each other. Helping each other to pass through some obstacles. The one who keep saying "I don't think I can make it" appear to be the bravest among us. The one look nerdy appear to be the coward too. It is so fun to explore the other side of ourselves too. In the end, the process is more fruitful than the end result.

Mystery Room Escape

Unravel the mystery within.......

Operating hours: 12.00pm - 12.00am
Ample of FREE Parking 

Msytery Room Escape going to have a soft launch in the new branch, Sutera Utama on 1 May 2014. The games in Sutera mall will be totally different from Bandar Jaya Putra one. There will be 5 themes. What are the themes? Let find out on that day. ^^ I can't wait to try out again with the girls.  But I scream the loudest.......   T_T

Mystery Room Escape - Sutera Utama Branch
15A & 15B, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/2,
Taman Sutera Utama, 
81300 Skudai,


  1. I also had been saw my friends went there to play. It looks fun!

    Hope that in future can go there to challenge it...hihi

  2. Near Skudai there. Feel wanna try it there too! LOL nvr play escape room before XD

    1. Try out the Sutera Mall. If you like more physical activities one, skudai one will suit you. I wish they got Clamp Theme. I am super Clamp anime fan.^^

  3. Hahaha why my face so funny! XD


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