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Ramadan Buffet, The Grand GEM Restaurant @ The Grand Blue Wave Hotel, Johor Bahru

24 June 2014

Thank you to the extended invitation of  Tony, Johor Kaki and Peggy Loh, My Johor Story, MaCherie Johor Bloggers and I got the chance to try out Grand GEM restaurant's Ramadan Buffet.

 The Grand GEM restaurant is serving authentic Indian cuisine for the past 17 years. In conjunction with Ramadan month, buffet dinner will be prepared by chefs from different part of India. Their main courses are prepared by 3 of their resident Muslim Chefs (Chef Jakir Hosen, Chef Reyaz and Chef Jainul).

Onion Pakoda as starter

It is best eat with hand. So, you can taste the crunchiness and sweetness of onion. 

Another great starter
The refreshing salsa sauce on top of crispy capati

Mint Sauce or Pudina Sauce
A very refreshing mint smell. I like to eat it with Roti Romali.

Mixed Grill Platter 
Red -> Chicken Tandoori. The chef tried new method to cook it. Thus the chicken meat is very tender
White -> Chicken meat marinated with cashew nut paste. It have nutty taste
Green -> Pudina Chicken
White stick -> Chicken meat mince marinated with yogurt and herbs. It was BBQ over the fire. This the over later is a bit hard texture.

Garlic Naan with three types of graves.

Chicken Curry Gravy to go with naan

Mutton Curry Gravy to go with naan.

 Bhuna Gosh (Mutton)
This is my favorite mutton paste to go with naan. The mutton is full with herb. Most importantly, it is very tender and soft. I think elder people can just eat it without much difficulty.

Brocolli with Mushroom
My first time to see boiled vegetables served with thin sliced cheese. 

Nasi Goreng Kampung
Don't worry.This Nasi Goreng Kampung is not spicy at all. 
Moreover, it have lots of fried ikan bilis in it.

Roti Romali
The dough is rolled into flat round. The dough is made out of Romali flour.

The flat dough is baked on top of wok. As you can see from the image above, The wok is placed up side down on the fire stove. Why is the wok white in colour? THe chef explained that it is due to salt water. Before the chef the bread, some salt water is sprinkle on the hot wok, No oil was involved in baking this Roti Romali. It is very healthy.

How is the taste? it is very chewy. I am having great fun to tear the bread into bits.

Vegetarian Burgers
I prefer the potato paste. It is very smooth. The restaurant do serve several vegetarian dishes too. 

Gulab Jamun
A fired milky ball in syrup.

I prefer this dessert. According to vegRecipeIndia website, kesari is a popular south Indian sweet made from semolina during festive season.
This dessert is vegetarian dessert too.

Masala Tea
A nice and hot herb tea to end the meal.

To celebrate  this holy month, Grand GEM will be having Ramadan Buffet Dinner.
  • Price Per Two Pax = RM70 nett (Special rates)
  • Hotel Guest & Advance Reservation will get a 35%% Discount.
  • Corporate Group Booking will get a 35% Discount + 5 % discount if reservation made before 3rd July 2014.

Thanks to Ms. Peggy Loh sharing some great old Johor's stories with us. She is not a writer. She is a story teller.

Ler's Reviews:
Halal?: No Pork, No Lard, No alcohol beverages, Halal certificate suppliers
Parking: 6/10
(Parking lots is depend on luck, RM4 per entry)

Grand Blue Wave Hotel, Lobby Level
No. 9R, Jalan Bukit Meldrum
80300 Johor Bahru

Operating Day: Monday to Sunday
Operating Hour:11:00am -11:00pm

GPS: 1.4610666,103.769002

PS: remember to get your parking ticket endorsed


  1. great shot of the Roti Romali being tossed in the air ^^
    Ops I saw Uncle Tony Johor Kaki
    send my regards to him ^^

    1. Have to set the camera to take multiple shot.Ya will send your regard to him ^^


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