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Lohas Village 林明蜗居 @ Sungai Lembing 林明, Pahang

"Lohas Village does not provide WIFI, breakfast and towel. Nothing here.
 The only thing it can provide is the feeling of home. Thank you"
~ Translated by yours truly

"蝸居不能給你們wifi,沒有早餐供應,沒有毛巾供應,apa pun tak ada,這裡只能給你一個家的感覺,就這麼多,sekian terima kasih"

Interesting. This statement catch my attention.

UPDATED: Lohas Village do provide WIFI since February 2014. 

Apa Lagi You Mau?  What you really want in this serene village?
I want to chat with my ji mui (best friends). No over night chatting because I am early bird.

I want to rest. I want to back to mother nature. 

I want to drink when I am thirsty

I want a nice gateway. I want to relax

In the end, LOHAS is defined as lifestyle of happiness and sustainability. Let go the hassle of the city life for 2 days. Just relax here.

Lohas Village
AB 43, Kampung Tengah,
26200 Sungai Lembing
Contact Person: Ah Lam


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