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Introduce Ma Cherie Johor Bloggers

Life was always a matter of waiting for the right moment to act
~ Paulo Coelho 

That is how we started. On December 2013, six of us from Butterfly Project Malaysia attended TGV IMAX event. Next, I realized some thing.

But you are not alone
I am here with you
Though we're far apart
You're always in my heart
But you are not alone

~ extracted from Michael Jackson's song, You Are Not Alone

I have been blogging since year 2009. At first, I just blogged for fun. I was just looking for a tool to teach my students on web development. Addition to it, I love traveling. I need a platform to share my travel experience and keep track of my travel expenditure. Slowly, this become my hobby. Not many friends around me do blogging. When I ask my friends the reasons, they often said "No Time", "No good in writing" or "why leh?" I felt a bit lonely. Although there are many other bloggers in Malaysia, I not sure how to make friends with them. 

The TGV IMAX event and Butterfly Project Malaysia were like the light for me. They shone me other bloggers around my area too. Since then, we became great friends in the road of blogging. 

Around March 2014, more bloggers found us. We decided to form a community project. How we are inspired to called ourselves? Then, you need to check out the behind scene story >>HERE<<

Who we are?

#MaCherieJB #InkyFingersJB #JohorBloggers #LerTravel #LerFoodie #LerDance #LerInspiration #LerStudy

I am very grateful to make friends with all this wonderful and inspiring bloggers. We come from all walk of life. Our writing style are different. That make some people curious about us. I still remember a conversation with Hacker Space Johor Bahru's founders, Mr. Teng.

Mr. Teng: All of you are bloggers?
LerLer :    Yes
Mr. Teng: Most of you blog the same thing?
LerLer :     Yes. When we get invitation, we will extend to other interested bloggers.
Mr. Teng : Hmm interesting. For me, all of you are competitors to each other. And yet, you unified and formed alliance.
LerLer:     Well. We share information and help each other on writing. Is it that better?
Mr. Teng,: That why is interesting. (Smiling face)
LerLer:    Who know? We are Johorean. Luaskan Kuasamu (Expand Your Power)

We may be just small characters in this mass market. I am still grateful to gain guideance from each other. By the way, I also got to learn some photography tips from Tony Johor Kaki and Jason Lee. Not to forget, wonderful story teller, Ms. Peggy Loh gave us advice on writing good article.

PS: I very shy one. I only dare to say softly Thank you girls *hug 

Spoiler: Some thing great is coming on the way. 
Stay Tune with us^^


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  1. Thank you Ler Ler for the write up! May we grow stronger together! ^_^


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