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Restaurant Jiann Chyi 建旗海鲜餐馆 @Sekinchan, Selangor

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17 May 2014

As a TRUE Malaysian family, we always find food first. First destination in Sekinchan is restaurant. Not surprise, this settle our tummy rumbling issue. 

Golden Mango RM5
Dad used to be mango farmers. He really like this. As the fruit has no fiber and very juicy.

 Fried LaLa clamp
The lala is nicely wrapped in thick soy sauce with a bit spicy.

 Shark Fish Porridge
The waitress recommended this dish. The fish ball is very QQ. Every bite can taste the fish sweetness.

Fried vegetable
I not too sure is it too near to seaside. This dish is just too salty for us

Deep Fried Squid
My brother's all time favorite dish. I like it very much as it has very crispy coat and chewy squid in it. Not to my brother. For him, too much flour coated the squid. 

Special Fried Shark Fish
It is quite special as it was fried with bitter gourd. As bitter gourd is named as the "gentlemen" in the fruit category. It does not really affect the overall taste just to add some texture to it. The shark fish skin is quite slimy. To me, it taste like collagen. Hopefully I can have nice skin complexion after eating this dish.

Total cost: RM82.00

Ler's Reviews:
Halal?: Non-Halal
Service: 3/5 (during peak time, waited for 35 minutes. We can understand)
Delicious: 4/5
Parking: 3/5 

(Not much parking lot during peak hour)

156, Jalan Bagan Sekinchan
45400 Sekinchan Selangor

Operating Day: Monday to Sunday
Operating Hours: 9am to 4pm 


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