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Paddy Factory @ Sekinchan, Selangor

17 May 2014

I never knew brown rice and white rice were from the same breed. White rice is after polished. I been eating brown rice for the past 10 years. I been quite ignorance on the staple food.

New planting technology from Taiwan. This machine helped farmer to shorten the plantation duration.

A tray of paddy weed.

Adult ticket = RM4 per person. Everyone get a free rice package after the tour too.

Mum can't help it with the small package. It was so cute. It was such a nice gift too.

 Our guide, was explaining on the history of the paddy factory.
Exhibition hall on traditional tools on paddy plantation

A pair of nostalgic iron cups. I used to see this at my grandparent's house.

Traditional dining table

 After the small tour, all the home experts gathered here to buy rice.

This wall was very creative. It was designed with the rice husk. It was so beautiful yet environmental friendly.

Every single rice is the sweat and hard work of farmer. 
We must learn to be grateful with the food we have.


  1. Eh.. takde address ke? I was patiently reading hoping to know where is it so I can visit it too! =p

    1. The problem is there is no road name in paddy field. We just look for big bus. then follow them and reach the paddy factory

  2. what did they do with the paddy husk?

    1. 1) paste it on the wall as decorative
      2) burn it off as fertilizer


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