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10 Days 9 Nights Taiwan Tour Itinerary 2014


03 August 2014
10:00am   Depart to Kuala Lumpur
02:00pm   Reach Kuala Lumpur and rest

04 August 2014 
06:00am  Depart to KLIA2 with MyTeksi app
07:30am  Reach Klia2
08:15am  Breakfast at level2 food court
08:40am  Immigration check in
09:40am  Boarding flight
03:00pm  Arrive at Taiyuan Airport
04:40pm  Finally meet tour guide, Ken after 1 hour of queue at immigration check point
05:30pm  Reach YiLan for Longan Wooden Urn Kiln Chicken Restaurant,  龙眼木桥瓮窑鸡
06:30pm  Check in Wuji Hostel, 伍桔民宿
07:30pm  Walk around  Wuji street
10:00pm  Rest

05 August 2014
06:00am  Morning walk around small village
07:00am  Breakfast at the hostel
08:00am  LuoDong Forest Park, 罗东林业文化园
09:30am  Visit long Lake长埤湖风景区
10:00am  QingShui Hot Spring 清水地热
11:00am  Lunch at Nanfang-Ao南方澳
12:00pm  Suhua Coastal Highway, 苏花滨海公路
01:45pm  Ching Shui Cliff 清水断崖, 燕子口峡谷景观步道
03:00pm  Visit Tzu chi Hall慈济静思堂
05:00pm  Visi Qixingtan Scenic Area, 七星潭风景区
06:00pm  Check in Suto House, 花莲石头的家
08:00pm  Visit Hualien Night Market, 花莲夜市

06 August 2014
08:30am  Visit XueShan Shui, 雪山水
09:30am  Visit Lintian Mountain Forestry Center, 林田山业园区
11:00am   Lunch at Red Tile Roof Cultural Cuisine Restairant - Amis Style, 红瓦屋老地方文化美食餐厅- 阿美族风味餐
01:30pm  Visit Tropic of Cancer Monument, 玉里北回归线纪念碑
03:00pm  Visit Sansiantai, 台东三仙台风景区
05:00pm  Visit water flow uphill, 水往上流奇观
06:00pm  Check in Sheep hostel, 绿羊轩民宿
07:30pm  Dinner at Mi Tai Mu Under Bayan Tree, 榕树下米台目
08:30pm  Visit International Landmark Park,  国际地标公园

07 August 2014
08:00am  Visit TaiTung Forest Park, 台东森林公园
12:00pm  Visit Milennium Park 千禧曙光纪念公园
01:00pm  Lunch at Four Sisters' Beef Noodle, 四学士牛肉面
02:00pm  Visit Dragon and Tiger Pagoda, Kaoh Siung 高雄龙虎塔
04:00pm  Check in Legend  Hotel
07:30pm  Visit Liuhe Night Market, 六合夜市

08 August 2014
08:30am  Visit Kaoh Siung Hakka Cultural Museum, 高雄美浓民俗村
02:30pm  Visit Taiwan Sugar Museum (Tainan), 台南乌树林糖厂休闲园区
04:15pm  Check in 三叔公的家
04:30pm  Cycling around  BaiHe village
08:00pm  Dinner  at hostel

09 August 2014
07:00am  Visit Kaoh Siung Formosa Boulevard Station, 高雄捷运美岛站
08:30am  Visit Nantou Aowanda Sky Bridge, 南投猴探井风景区天空之桥
01:00pm  Lunch at random lunch box shop, 便当店
02:00pm  Visit Sun Moon Lake, 日月潭
02:45pm  Visit Wen Wu Temple, 文武庙
04:00pm  Visit Puli Brewery Factory, 埔里酒厂美食广场  
05:30pm  Check in Puli Dream B&B House, 南投埔里梦想之家民宿
07:30pm  Dinner at Wu Hua Ma Dumpling Restaurant, 五花马饺子馆
08:10pm  Walk around Puli Night Market, 埔里观光夜市

10 August 2014
08:45am  Visit  Taiwan Paper,广兴纸寮
10:00am  Enjoy some dessert at Feeling 18 Cafe, 埔里18度C巧克力工房 
11:00am  Visit Koi FIsh lake, 鲤鱼潭风景区
12:00pm  Lunch at  Puli Hakka Restaurant, 家味香客家廚房
02:00pm  Visit Carton King, 纸箱王创意园区
02:20pm  Visit Little Swiss Garden, 小瑞士花园
03:30pm  Check in Dingdai Glass Vacation Villa, 顶代格拉斯民宿
07:00pm  Dinner at Patite Western Restaurant, Patite 洋食馆
08:00pm  Visit Little Swiss Garden night view, 小瑞士花园夜景

11 August 2014
08:00am  Visit Cingjing Farm, 清境农场
12:00pm  Lunch at Cingjing Lumama Restaurant, 清境魯媽媽雲南擺夷料理
01:00pm  Visit the highest vehicle access point at Mount Hehuan, 合欢山武岭3275公尺 
02:30pm  Visit Cing Jing Tourist Area, 清境旅游中心
03:30pm  Hot Spring bath at Xiang Ting Hot Spring Villa, 香亭民宿
06:00pm  Check in Feng Jia Garden Hostel, 逢甲花园民宿
07:30pm  Walk around Feng Jia Night Market, 逢甲夜市

12 August 2014
10:00am  Jiufen, 九份老街
01:00pm  Gold Waterfall, 黄金瀑布
03:00pm  Kee Lung Buddhism Temple基隆大佛寺
04:30pm  Sun Yat-sen Memorial Park 国父纪念馆
06:00pm  Dinner at  "Flat Duck", 鸭肉扁
07:00pm  Check in East Dragon Hotel, 东龙饭店
08:00pm  Walk around XiMenDing,西门町

13 August 2014
06:00am   Walk around XiMenDing, 西门町
11.45am   Lunch at 阿宗面线
01:00pm  Depart to Airport
03:55pm  Depart to Kuala Lumpur

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  1. Do you still have your tour guide's contact details? Mind sharing them with me? :)

    1. Mr. Lin Bo Ren, The itinerary planner from Wonderful Travel Company
      whatsapp: +886 921 928 747

  2. Would you mind to share your itinerary for me ? it would be great if you could share it in xls format or pdf format. My email address:

  3. It was indeed a meaningful and memorable traveling trip I ever had. Thank lerler for compiling and write out for the whole trip. Thumb up for you.


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