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Pesta Kluang 2014 @ Kluang -Part 2

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20 September 2014

 After a short "romantic" walk around the "mural street", we head off  to "lim teh". We followed their car to the "lim teh" place. It was an interesting journey from Taman Merdeka Kluang to the "lim teh "place. They brought us tour a bit of Kluang old town and new town. At one point, we though they were bring us home for homemade "kopi". Suddenly, they make a turn and park in front of Yean Kee Beef Noodle shop. 

It was quite hard to explain the thrill of following their car.  So, remember to meet the local and eat with the local. ^^

The story of Yean Kee can be found in Johor Kaki and Peggy Loh blog. 

The volunteers mentioned that" when you come to Kluang, enjoy the food with story. The story will make the food more delicious." Indeed, the shop with story were full with diners.

Beef noodle RM5.50
The lady boss mentioned a few time that their dry beef noodle is more famous. However, we just feel like drinking some soup on this chilly day.

We shared some life experience and study path in this nice shop. LerLer wish them all the best in their coming examination. After the meal, we give them a lift back to back lane of Jalan Dato Teoh Siew Khor.

PS: Wish to know more this event behind scene? check out Ice Orange Juice Blog Only available in Chinese version.

Finally, the rain stop. The light was on. The back lane of Jalan Dato Teoh Siew Khor went alive. Children and adults were having fun with bubbles. We joined in the crowd too. For more photos, please check it out HERE.

Rain filled up the fountain in Taman Merdeka. Some of the visitors still brought some water to fill up. Everyone wish to see this fountain back to its glorious time again.

Isn't this bus stop stand cute? Good Bye Kluang! We will be back next time.

Wish to learn more on Kluang? remember to get this little booklets from some shops in Kluang.

Taman, Merdeka, Kluang
Jalan Dato Teoh Siew Khor,
86000  Kluang,

GPS:  2.0322635,103.319473

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