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Pulau Ketam Steamboat @ Tun Aminah, Johor

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14 September 2014

Sunday is a rest day for private sector. Mr. Ang brings LerLer to Seri Orkid  Recreation park for a jog. It is a nice park to work out all the fat and muscle. Kids are running around playing kite or giant bubble. The outdoor gym equipments are great too.

A variety of dishes.

After one hour work up, we met up Macherie Johor Bloggers for dinner. Pulau Ketam Steamboat restaurant is just 8 minutes drive from Seri Orkid Recreation Park. Steamboat is definitely a good choice of meal after work fat. It is low fat and low carbohydrate.  Most importantly, the seafood is freshly delivered from Pulau Ketam.

PS: I do not need to worry putting up weight after meal

How many dishes are there? ^^

I prefer the original broth. It is very clear and plain. After cook with many rounds with seafood, the soup is just marvelous.

Fish noodle (Small) RM6   (Big) RM12
Fish noodle is a must to order. It is made out of fresh sea bass. The noodle has very 'Q' texture. As the noodle is quite long. As you chew you can taste the "poik" "poik" texture in your mouth

Crab 100g RM7.50

Nothing is edited. The only word can describe this photo is "Fresh".  Mr. Ang eats quite a lot of it because of the tasty sweet favour. *Slurp

PS: We did our exercise before. Cholesterol problem? Just makan (eat) lah. hahaha

Seafood Platter for 3 persons RM52.50 

USA Kurobuta Pork Slice RM24
Shabu shabu the pork. The pork has no porky smell. Once it just cooked, you can taste the meat juice. This is my favourite dish too. In the end, we order 2 dishes of pork to satisfied our desire.

Fresh Lime Jelly RM4.50

This environment really reminds me the restaurant in Pulau Ketam. 

Steamboat meal is a great chill out place after exercise. You can choose to enjoy the meal outdoor or in air-conditioned hall too. LerLer strongly recommend this place for fresh seafood.

Ler's Reviews:
Halal?: Non-Halal
Service: 8/10
Delicious: 7/10
Parking: 5/10
(It will take some time to find a parking lot)

Pulau Ketam Steamboat
33, Jalan Temenggong 10,
Taman Tun Aminah,
81300 Johor Bahru,

Operating Day: Monday to Sunday
Operating Hour: 04:00pm - 12:00am

GPS: 1.509230,103.652740

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