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Dream Trip to Macau

Mr. Ang and LerLer have been thinking very hard on the top 4 reasons why we Nuffies love Macau?

1) Performing Art

Image Credit:  The City Of Dream Macau

 "The House of Dancing Water" uses 5 years of development, two years of rehearsal and with production investment running at over HKD 2 billion (USD250 million), this iconic entertainment centerpiece of City of Dreams and is deservedly garnering a growing international reputation as one of the most innovative and awe-inspiring productions to be staged anywhere in the WORLD.

extracted from  The House of Dancing Water
Image Credit: City of Dream Macau

How can LerLer go watch it? LerLer is a big fan of performing art. This production need to use their specially designed theater for showcase. There are not much combination of water fountain in performing art. Dancing on a floor full with water need years of training too. LerLer MUST watch this only one in the world show.

2) East meet West

Image Credit: Macau Tourism x Nuffang

Macau, a former Portuguese colony, offers a rich blend of Chinese and European architecture and culture. Malaysia is a former of British colony. Thus, we can unique fusion of culture. How about Macau? LerLer wish to experience it too.  Do the old street have a taste of Portuguese? How the local learn Portuguese, Cantonese and Chinese?

Another bonus point, a large section of Macau Peninsula has been designed as Unesco World Heritage. LerLer want to walk the path of time. May be LerLer can some unexplored lane or street for photo shooting.

3) Never go Hungry

 Image Credit: Passport Chop

Imgae Credit: Nuffnang

LerLer enjoy eating. LerLer not yet try Macau's cuisine before. It will be a great opportunity for LerLer's taste bud. Food is the reason to travel too.

Image Credit: So Good Blog

4) Wedding Photography Destination

Image Credit: Your PRECIOUS Story

Mr. Ang and LerLer want to have great memory before starting our family. Why not a wedding photography in Macau? We not only can shot some oriental style. Not to forget, some romantic European architecture as our pre-wedding photo shoot background. Macau will be the best location for us. We just have to travel to one place to get everything done. Not to forget, it will be a great memory for us too. *shy

Image Credit: Nuffang

In order to realize a bride-to-be's dream. Hopefully, Macau Government Tourism and Nuffang Malaysia can grant our little wishes. ^^

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  1. Nice write up! Macau looks very interesting!

  2. gosh!!! your food photo look tempting! Year end holiday in Macau! Good luck....

  3. Nice one! Good luck!

  4. Jom kita sama sama ke Macau... explore satu Macau,,, Best

  5. Yea Macau is one of the place that suitable for wedding photo shooting.
    Good luck to you, Ms Lerler! :)


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