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Taiwan Private Tour Guide

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August 2014

Any Time For Taiwan. Our Taiwan trip mission are
  • To tour Taiwan Island
  • To avoid popular tourist area
  • To travel like a local Taiwanese
  • To eat like a local Taiwanese
  • To explore some hidden tourist area
  • To relax
 That why we hired a private tour guide for our 10 days 9 nights Taiwan Trip. Based on some good review, I contacted Wonderful Taiwan Company. Mr. Lim is an experienced trip planner. Through Whatsapp and Facebook, we discussed on the itinerary. Mr. Lim is able to answer our answer will great detail.

Our private tour guide, Mr. Kent Kuok.
He has 2 years working experience as tour guide. Taiwan history, food, geography festival and many other interesting information he is able to explain to us. He is like a walking dictionary

My mum and Mr. Kent
Any question? Mr. Kent is able to answer us

Whatsapp: +886 921 928 747

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