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Hong Fu Seafood洪福海鲜 @ Sibu, Sarawak

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27 December 2014

I like wedding lunch banquet. It give the visitors enough time to rest after the lunch banquet. After 5 hours of "hibernation", we walk toward Hong Fu Seafood Restaurant for our dinner.

PS: Stay Tune for My JiMui Experience

 Philippine Pork Knuckle RM36.00

I tested this famous pork knuckle back in year 2009. May be we been working for quite some time in big city. We were quite surprise with the price. It seem to us there are not much increase over the  year. Let taste it and check out the taste
 For that moment, we let go of the fact of lard. Yummy. The pork knuckle has very crispy skin while maintaining the meat tenderness.  Pork knuckle has high contain of collage. It is so interesting to see one of my friend slowing chewing the collagen.

In my opinion, the sauce compliment the dish well. The sauce has very strong lime smell. It is quite sour. Thus, it go very well with every bite.

 Coconut RM2.50

Fried Milin with Red Wine RM12.00
This vegetable is very tender. I like it fried with red wine. It will have this aromatic grape smeel with a bit of sour taste.

Fu Rong Fired Egg RM10.00

Heby mentioned that this dish should have more prawns.
Total Cost: RM79 for 6 persons
Ler's Reviews:
Service: 8/10
Delicious: 8/10
Parking: 9/10
(Ample of Free Parking Lot)

Hong Fu Seafood Sdn Bhd 洪福海鲜
No. 1,3,5,7 & 9, 
Lorong Wong King Huo 3A,
Jalan Wong King Huo,
96000 Sibu, 

Operating Hours:
Monday to Sunday
8am - 2pm
5pm - 12am

GPS: 2.2935909,111.8428341

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