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Fish Culture Cafe鱼玩食家 @Sibu, Sarawak

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28 December 2014

Time for lunch. We are very happy to have the newly married friend to join us for lunch after the wedding. We really have great fun to discuss on the post mortem on the wedding. This is widen our knowledge on preparing our future wedding. LOL who will be the next bride? We will continue after after lunch.

Fish culture cafe is just stone throw away from our accommodation. There are many choices.

Braised Pork Rice RM8.90

Cooling Red Date Beverage RM6.90

Yong Tu Fu Soup
We prefer the yong tou fu of bitter gourd and cili.

 One tray of dim sum is RM4.20

Fu Zhou Fish Ball
 The famous Fu Zhou Fishball. My Sibu's friend teach me the steps to eat it
1) Use spoon to scoop a fishball
2) Use a chopstick to poke the fish ball. You can see the meat soup will flow out. It will be collected onto the spoon

3) Bite the fish ball into smaller size
4) Eat it slowly as it is pipping hot

The pork meat is well marinated. The fish ball has very bouncy texture. It is worth waiting for this dish

Fried Dumpling

Ler's Reviews:
Service: 8/10
Delicious: 7/10
Parking: 9/10
(Ample of Free Parking Lot)

Fish Culture Cafe鱼玩食家
No. 28, Lorong Wong King Huo 3A,
96000 Sibu,
(Next to Medan Mall)

Operating Hour
Monday to Sunday
8am - 3pm

GPS: 2.2935909,111.8428341

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