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Dessert time~~~ ^o^

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28 July 2011

Wondering, struggling, working, thinking that how life is now...........   Hmm so to get out of this boring routine, yoga, meditation, charity work, travel, eating are good ways to "escape"...Since when i became sweet tooth? hmmm i don't know however the crave is still there thus i will "hunt" down  all the dessert meheheheh

apple crumble cake from a slice from heaven, pavillion kl
I prefer this cake where the apple is just nice and not too sweet. the cheese is smooth and soft

peach gateaux cake
It was one of the best selling cake the shop.... I like the cream with big chuck slices of peach but is a bit too sweet for me.

 Shimino Japanese crepe in pavilion kl
I first tasted japanese crepe is in Thailand a few years back... I was surprise to see it in Malaysia now. This is delicious where the crepe is tender soft.. I simply love the green tea cream which blended so well with red bean paste. It is chewy to have sweet red bean and the green tea taste so well not too bitter not too sweet is just suit my taste bud.
Thanks to bf.. i have additional vanilla ice cream in the crepe hehehe i like ice cream cold and cool.... ^0^I can't denied the fact that I have a huge sweet tooth hahahahah

I really feel life is great to have chance to taste 3 kinds dessert at one night
谢谢你, CS ^0^


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