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Unforgettable discussion

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[2:09:08 PM] JC: hi all
[2:09:15 PM] JC: we are planning for a
[2:09:46 PM] JC: appreciation lunch/dinner for the mmi team
[2:09:55 PM] JC: which do u prefer
[2:10:00 PM] JC: lunch or dinner
[2:10:00 PM] GT: Breakfast
[2:10:06 PM] KH: Supper
[2:10:14 PM] JC: har... breakfast not many shops open
[2:10:21 PM] JC: n need to eat so early
[2:10:32 PM] JC: if supper where u propose
[2:10:39 PM] JC: that is convenient to all
[2:10:54 PM] KH: how much is the budget per pax?
[2:12:20 PM] JC: anything reasonable shud b ok
[2:12:44 PM] S: when is the date?
[2:12:54 PM] JC: i propose before min leave
[2:13:01 PM] JC: min last day is 11/3
[2:13:10 PM] JC: so either this week or next week.
[2:13:12 PM] Min: :)
[2:13:28 PM] PIKA: anyone birthday this week
[2:13:29 PM] PIKA: ?
[2:14:36 PM] KH Leow: i cincai one
[2:15:04 PM] KH Leow: no buffet
[2:15:18 PM] TCK: 
[2:15 PM] KH Leow:

<<< no buffet ((y))
[2:15:23 PM] GT: Lunch.
[2:15:38 PM] JC: yes, most probably will be lunch
[2:16:11 PM] JC: how about this friday?
[2:16:17 PM] JC: everyone ok?
[2:16:23 PM] S: ok
[2:16:25 PM] JC: choices :
[2:16:28 PM] Min: I'm half day leave this friday..
[2:16:30 PM] Min: sorry
[2:16:55 PM] JC: then how about mon / wed next week?
[2:17:02 PM] S: i m on leave next monday
[2:17:07 PM] JC: wed?
[2:17:19 PM] JC: 9/3
[2:17:26 PM] S: ok
[2:17:54 PM] PIKA: ok
[2:18:01 PM] TCK: ok
[2:18:02 PM] JC: choices - a) Apartment , b) Korean c) thai d) Indonesian e) any other suggestions
[2:18:26 PM] JC: KH, Leow and tan, ok?
[2:18:28 PM] Min: Just 1 ques..
[2:18:35 PM] Min: Is Aida included?
[2:18:40 PM] KH Leow: ok. Min choose
[2:18:57 PM] KH Leow: maybe KH oso can choose... hehe...
[2:18:59 PM] Min: Why me??
[2:19:08 PM] Min: I'm fine with anything..
[2:19:09 PM] Min: :)
[2:19:18 PM] S: KH anything that i didnt know???
[2:19:41 PM] KH Leow: everything basically hehe
[2:19:48 PM] Min: Is it.. hhmm..
[2:19:53 PM] PIKA: :D
[2:20:01 PM] PIKA: i can't help lauhing
[2:20:03 PM] KH: KH can be equals to Kah Haw
[2:20:07 PM] KH: ((chuckle))
[2:20:11 PM] KH Leow: BETUL
[2:20:29 PM] Min: Both?
[2:20:30 PM] KH Leow: KH = Kok Han
[2:20:31 PM] S: then for both of u
[2:20:36 PM] KH: lerler, laughing no need ppl help one
[2:20:38 PM] PIKA: then i suggest tan choose
[2:20:54 PM] GT: Random is 2.
[2:21:11 PM] GT: Which is b) Korean
[2:21:20 PM | Edited 2:21:24 PM] KH Leow: dun look like random to me
[2:22:00 PM] GT: Psuedo random, there are websites for this.
[2:22:30 PM] JC: there are 9 of us
[2:22:57 PM] JC: would u prefer ala carte or dish by dish....
[2:23:00 PM] JC: for korean...
[2:23:13 PM] JC: as u know, korean got many side dish per pax
[2:23:27 PM] S: jc
[2:23:42 PM] S: can u check whether is it halal
[2:23:49 PM] PIKA: checked halal
[2:24:00 PM] S: thanks
[2:24:05 PM] Min: which korean restaurant is it?
[2:24:09 PM] JC: all food i state just now is halal
[2:24:31 PM] JC: koryo won
[2:24:39 PM] KH: ooo...
[2:24:42 PM] KH: the top floor one
[2:24:46 PM] JC: yes
[2:24:57 PM] Min: ic..
[2:25:10 PM] KH Leow: looks good
[2:25:15 PM] S: ok2
[2:25:24 PM] TCK: ((nod))
[2:25:49 PM] PIKA: can we try ginseng chicken soup
[2:25:49 PM] Min: seems having good comments
[2:25:51 PM] PIKA: ?
[2:26:02 PM] PIKA: min where you see that?
[2:26:13 PM] Min:
[2:26:17 PM] JC: wat u mean ginseng?
[2:26:46 PM] PIKA:
[2:26:47 PM] Min: I don't really know korean food..
[2:26:52 PM] Min: can try..
[2:27:49 PM] KH Leow: first timers will find it hard to taste the kimchi
[2:27:55 PM] Min: is it?
[2:28:02 PM] KH Leow: after a few times then okay
[2:28:07 PM] PIKA: is taste like belacan
[2:28:28 PM] Min: belacan..? shud be ok for me then..
[2:28:30 PM] Min: :)
[2:28:44 PM] TCK: [2:27 PM] KH Leow:

<<< kimchi ((y))
[2:28:48 PM] JC: receive some good comments here
[2:28:53 PM] JC: so korean food?
[2:28:57 PM] PIKA: ok
[2:28:59 PM] TCK: ((nod))
[2:29:18 PM] KH Leow: voter turnout was 1/9, so (b) wins this by-election
[2:30:15 PM] JC: ok
[2:30:38 PM] Min: (victory)
[2:31:10 PM] PIKA: (^o^)v
[2:31:10 PM] JC: so confirm next wednesday
[2:31:32 PM] JC: lunch time at koryo-won
[2:31:39 PM] Min: ok
[2:31:48 PM] JC: please be punctual... if u wan to enjoy the max of it
[2:32:03 PM] PIKA: what time/
[2:32:04 PM] PIKA: ?
[2:32:20 PM] JC: well, yr job is pretty much done, what time u all propose...
[2:32:53 PM] S: lunch time
[2:33:20 PM] JC: yes, lunch wat time, wan to leave early or.....
[2:34:26 PM] S: i think 12 is ok but dont know bout others
[2:34:52 PM] PIKA:
[2:34 PM] S:<<< i think 12 is ok but dont know bout others ((handshake))
[2:35:48 PM] KH Leow: 12 is ok
[2:37:19 PM] JC: ok
[2:38:13 PM] Min: ok
[2:38:19 PM] JC: settle
KH Leow


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