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My First Photobook

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Thanks to Groupmore and Photobook,  I got the chance to create a memorable photo book for my dear bf. (really hope he like it ^0^)   The software is easy to use and the colour of the photo are same as i shoot. I am not really pro but i love to use my dslr  to shoot and capture the best moment and scenery. Thus this book really great to keep my "master piece" in great way.

Lose count how many days and night i used to create but it really worth it. I enjoy edit and arrange the photos. Remember the time we are together, memory we been through ................ (hehehe  abit too mushy but it really feel great to do something special for your beloved one)

hahahah I not sure how many time i check photobook website to check the creation of the book. Even during delivery time  I keep pestering them to check again. Really appreciate photobook malaysia helpfulness. They understand my eagerness to see my "precious"
It was wrap in a nice carton box (aaahhh my heart beat so fast.... is like expecting something big coming on the way)
wah even have bubble wrapper inside (ok ok patient patient)
teng teng my precious !!!!
this is 104 pages
 heheheh photos of our memories..........

Finally I gave to my bf as a gift. 
I think i fly over the moon, the cloud or the star when he call to say he like it. 
To my dearest bf, May you be well and happy. I hope I am the one accompany you with care and love till the end. love you always (hug)

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