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Unforgetable Birthday *Humble Beginning*

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我觉得我很容易快乐, 因为一点点小事, 我就很开心了。。。

This is the first time celebrate birthday with bf. the story begin on the eve of my birthday.....

I received call from my family that dad coming up to find me. wow dad is here. Bf face was shocked and surprise when he heard this news. Next He keep thinking and thinking and drift to other places. hmm what is his planning

On Birthday,

1st SMS: hi let go out at 12 noon.
Since I have done all my house chore, I call up my cousin for a bit chatting

2nd SMS: i will be late for 30 minutes, 12.30pm
ooh no is he sick? is he having diarrhea again? May he be well and healthy

12.35 noon he appear at my house in rush mood.
ler : hi are you ok?i go wash room first
bf : ooh (still panting for breath)

going wash room just a few seconds minutes, that the time he really surprised me.

bf  :  hi sorry for late. erm are you hungry?
ler : ya.. aren't we going out?
bf  : (mischievous smile)  how about we eat cake first?
ler : ooh ok walking toward the fridge, just now a friend bought  me a cake (eeehhhhh the fridge door was not close properly )

I open up the fridge. TO my surprise, Humble Beginning cake box appear in my freezer.
?????? how it appear to my fridge
This is the cake i always want to eat but the pick up place was so far...............
He really order it for me. ^0^
Next i was puzzled how come this cake appear in my fridge when i saw nothing in his hand when he walk in?????????????????? hmmmm

teng teng the cake box
aaahhhhhhh my dream cake
mille crepe mean layers ^>10 of crepe together. this is oreo mili crepe. i lose count the layers because i only plan to enjoy or eat it uphahahahahh
^0^ is so touching. bf wake up early, travel far up to bangsar to pick up this cake for me

muacks to my bf

The taste of the cake is a bit too soft by the time we eat it. Because the cream was a bit melted. I frozen it and eat up the next day.
YES that is call heaven. Frozen mile crepe taste so much nicer.... the crepe texture was soft yet the cream blend in well. at some point i thought i am eating oreo ice cream cake.

IT IS a must try. When i share the cake with my friends, they like it too. but not for boy case.

感恩你, CS ^0^


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