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Ler Travel Diary - Liebster Award

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Thank you The Nerdy Travelholic for the nomination.This is not my first time I get this nomination. Previously, my personal sharing blog do get nomination from testandshare blog. However, this is the first time I get a nomination for travel category. Once again, nice to meet you Nerdy Travelholic ^^ 

I will skip the introduction and history part on the Liebster Award. For more detail, you can read at >>HERE<<

Time to answer some questions:

1. What made you start blogging?
It started as I am looking for some tool to help my students to learn web designing. That was very long time ago. Next,I decided to try writing down my travel experience. Slowly, this become a habit and a past time. 

2. Any story behind your blog name?
My first blog name is very simple and terrible. As I understand the important of search engine optimization, I spend a few days thinking of the name. 

Ler : A beautiful name given by my parent
Travel: My favourite activities
Diary: An online journal to keep track of my travel adventure and food experience

Thus, Ler Travel Diary is born. 

3. When did your first travel? Where?
Kindergarden? Primary School? Wow that is very long time ago. (I am not that old too)
Desaru beach, Johor or may be Singapore. Hmm can't really remember

4. Which is your favourite travel destination?
Every country have their own uniqueness. Currently, every place is my favourite travel destination.

5. Do you prefer glamorous city life or simple rural lifestyle?
That depend on mood and budget.
If I have a big budget, I want to try out some glamorous activities.
Mostly, I still prefer simple rural lifestyle. I enjoy mother nature very much. 

6. Any thing that you have to bring with every time when you travel?
  • Passport (definitely)
  • Sunblock
  • Camera
  • SD Card
  • Travel adapters

7. Any bad experience from travel?
BALI, Indonesia : My friend's smart phone been left in the van. The van driver refused to return. We need to make a police report. Finally he agreed to return with some payment. 

SHANGAI, China : My purse been picked pocket

HONG KONG : My cousin was molested in the metro. However, we were too scared to scream for help.

8. What keep you travelling?
Just do it ~ Nike

9. How long have you been blogging?
Since 2009

10. How do you deal with negative/hateful comment, if any, on your blog?
I use blog spot moderation tool. I still find it good. It will send email to me and let me manually moderate it. However, it can't seem to detect the spammer. 

11.  Any advice to people who is thinking to start a travel blog but not yet started?

This time, I would like to nominate:

The questions are:
  1. What are your best kept travel secrets?
  2. What is the perfect length of time for a vacation?
  3. What are the best experience from your travel?
  4. How do you mange your travel budget?
  5. What inspire you to write travel blog?
  6. Do you have join any Twitter travel chat?
  7. Do you faced any trouble when travelling?
  8. Share with us an interesting experience of your recent trip?
  9. Do you have retirement plan for your travel?
  10. Any advice for travel bloggers?


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