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Kathina 2014 @ Johor

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12 October 2014

During the rainy season lasting 3 months from July to October, monks often stay at a single place to spend their vassa. Hence, Vassa is also known as the Rains Retreat. During this period, monks will practice intensive meditation and will not travel unless absolutely necessary. 
The end of the vassa is often celebrated with the Kathina ceremony. Durig the Kathina ceremony, the lay devotees will make a formal offering of robe cloth and other requisites to the Shangha. 
According to the Vinaya Pitaka, a group of thirty monks were journeying together with the intention of spending the Vassa with the Buddha. However, the vassa began before they reached their destination and they had to stop travelling. Immediately after the vassa, the monks continued with their journey to Savathi. But it was still raining and  the the monks arrived late at their destination, they were not only exhausted but their robes were also wet and worn down. 
It was from this occasion that the Buddha consented to a Kathina cloth be given by the lay devotees to replace one of the three robes that is old or tattered for monks who have completed their vassa. 
Kathina in Pali refers to the wooden frame which monks in ancient India used to sew their clothes on. The robe thus prepared came to be known as Kathina robe. From that time until now, lay supporters have made a point of offering Kathina cloth to the Sangha at the end of the Vassa period.
On this once a year occasion, Kathina Celebration, whatever is offered to the Bhikkus-Sangha is considered, in point of merit, productive of the highest good.
May we all rejoice in supporting the monks and celebrating the Kathina!
Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!
References Pali Chanting Book of Santi Forest Monastery

The possession of Kathina Celebration
07:30am  Pindapata route. It means lay supporters can offer packaged food to the Shangha group. The monks will accept offering from the lay supporters.

09:00am     Breakfast time at the food street. The food are usually sponsored by lay supporters. Tzu Chi volunteers will be there to promote recycle concept.

09:30am     Kathina prayer session.
10:30am     Lay supporters can offer items to the Shangha (monks group). The items usually are robes, tooth paste, tooth brush, soap, broom, medication ointment and medicine (Panadol).

10:45am    Offering of Food
10:55am    Merits transfer to the departed relatives and all beings or blessing prayer.
11:10am    Lunch time for monks, nuns or 8- precepts devotees.
01:00pm    Dhamma sharing by monk
01:05pm    Volunteers will help to categorised the packaged food from lay supporters. The packaged food will be donated to non-profit groups or charity groups.

Santi Forest Monastery 宁心禪修林
Lot 1413, Jalan Ponorogo
81800 Ulu Tiram,

GPS: 1.564916,103.874496

Dhamma Light Meditation Center 法光禪修林
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Parit 3, Api-Api, 
82000 Pontian,

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