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5 LOHAS Experience in Taiwan

My family and I visited Taiwan last year, 2014. It was a memorable trip for us. My family prefer "back to nature" trip. The Taiwan trip let us understand the meaning of LOHAS.

LOHAS is an acronym for Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability, a market segment focused on health and fitness, the environment, personal development, sustainable loving and social justice.

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Taiwan is considered  a treasure island. The island has a variety of delicacies. Exciting events or festivals that happened almost every month. Not to forget, national park that is well maintained. Let me share with you my LOHAS experience in Taiwan.

#1 Cycling in Park

We are very surprised that Taiwan has great cycling path way in most of the small villages. Most of the villages we visited has similar story. The village used to be log farm or agriculture industry. As years go by, price fluctuated and many people left the industry. In order for the village to survive. Tourism is introduced to these villages. The old railways are either transformed into museum, jogging track or cycling track.

The existing railway provided a great cycling track for the cyclists. Cyclists are able to enjoy the beauty of nature and breeze. Try it yourselves.

Link: Cycling in Baihe Village

#2 Jungle Trekking

It was raining season during May 2014. We enjoy our walk by wearing rain coat or holding umbrella. It was quite an unique experience to walk in the park or jungle with umbrella.

#3 Fresh from the Farm

 Most of the home stay owner have their own farm. We have the chance to eat fresh vegetables and fruit from their farm.
The most unforgettable meal in Baihe village. All ingredients are from the the owner farm or neighbor farm.

#4 Creative Home stay concept

Stone House in Hualien district was the most impressed home stay  for our trip. The walls of the house was covered with grey pebbles. We also come across some hostel with their own creativity on it.

Link: Taiwan Accomodation

#5 Friendly People

We did not feel any fear while walking on the midnight street. Although most of the street or shops were written in Chinese, my English educated dad  didn't face trouble in communication. He can used dialect to chat with the local. Hokkien and Hakka dialect were widely used by local.

English may not be widely used in Taiwan. When we lost our way or ask for information, they will explain with great detail. We were offered tea when we are having our morning walk or evening walk. It is quite easy for us to mix around.

Flight ticket from Malaysia to Taiwan (Round Trip) is less than RM500 per person. Do look out for great flight ticket with different airline. Mr. Ang and LerLer are looking forward to have honeymoon or ore wedding photo shoot in Taiwan too. May be we can try cliff jumping like the recent Sony A6000 advertisement in Taiwan too. ^^

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  1. Very nice blog and pics! Pinned:

    1. Thank you. Hope you enjoy Taiwan trip as I do^^

  2. Fabulous... I like... thanks for sharing....

    1. #TimeForTaiwan Taiwan for family. Hope your family and you enjoy Taiwan trip as we do ^^

  3. I really wish I can cycle in Taiwan one day! :D

    1. Taiwan has designed area for bicycle. It is very safe. Good luck to you. ^^

  4. I've never been to Taiwan. Wish you luck, wish me luck too!


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