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Experiences with different countries tour guide

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When I was small, I used to travel with my parents. For oversea trip, my parents prefered to buy a tour package and let them take care of everything. I grateful they did that. They let me explore the world and see the world in different manner. At least, I am more open minded and more mature now.

Due to tour agents too, I prefer to travel on my own. I prefer to do some research before travel around. I like to get near to the local and travel like a local. For the past 5 years, I did not join any tour package unless necessary.

I been to China six times. I travelled to Beijing, Shi chuan and Yunnan with tour packages. I visited Shanghai 3 times. The First Shanghai Trip is with tour agent. Second and third Shanghai trip is more to visit my outstation family members.

I could not really remember how the was the Beijing tour guide. I knew she was a lady. She kept bring us to commercial shop. Those place we really wish to see will walk very fast. Those commission shop can let us wait for more than one hour. That experience make me awaken. I really do not like to be chase when visit new place. We are not duck to be keep shooing around the new places.

Shi Chuan tour guide was also a very nice lady. She explained the nature very well. However, I think she dislike us too. All the members in the tour refused to buy from commission shops. We are so cooperative that once the explanation was over, we either rush to wash room or walk around and sit in the bus wait for the tour guide. It was really a great fun when tour members are cooperative

Shanghai tour guide was a guy. He was good in explanation too. Since some of the tour members not yet experience China style of commission shop, they really bought a lots of souvenirs. By the end of the tour, the tour guide was very happy to help out to carry all the souvenir they bought.

Yunnan tour package was a bit different. Our family join a local tour package that recommend by our relative. Traveling with local China tourists was a very unique experience. They talk very loud. Their stomach were like boundless universe. I still remembers how they praise us, Malaysian Chinese( 5 of us) eating very politely in the restaurant. That made me very proud as a Malaysian.Yunnan tour guide was the best I ever seen among my China trip. He spoke gently. There were less commission shops tour. He was so well verse in history that no questions can beat him.

Initially, we planed to drive ourselves in Bali. After reading a few blogs on the traffic in Bali. That really made us think twice. We contacted Wayan Andy   as Bali driver. Wayan Andy was quite famous among Malaysian Bloggers. His review was really good. We did not get the change to experience his service. we got Tomy as our driver.

Technically, Tomy was a driver. Bali tourism board as stated clearly that driver and tour guide are different job. Bali tour guide must wear traditional Bali costume. Female tour guide need to wear Kebaya while male tour guide must wear sarong and hat. Since Tomy have a tour guide certificate, he don't mind explain to us on the history and culture of Bali.  I really appreciate his service.

Thus,  I introduced  him to my sister too. She traveled to Bali on June 2013 with her gang of BFF. Since Tomy was very young and relatively new in the industry, he charged relatively low compared to other. My sister was pleasant with her experience too. However, to cover up some cost, he bought them to his "friend" restaurant. My sister and her gang initially were okay with his choice of restaurant. The only thing they could not tolerate were some restaurant did not sell coconut. They love drinking coconut so much that they complain to Tomy and me. May be next time, we need to discuss clearly too with tour guide or driver before a trip.


South Korea trip was a memorable one. It was CS and me first "honeymoon". We traveled by ourselves free and easy. The Korea tourism board really did a good job. They placed tour tourist information helpers around tourist spot. We can easily spot them by their red uniform. They were very helpful. They were like "Doremon". Their bag will be full of different language map to help us. Most of the Koreans we met were very helpful too. Even if they could not speak English, they will help us to the end. I really salute to South Korea.

We only joined Jeongsan Rail Bike tour package in South Korea. Rail Bike is located at the remote province. Since we are not able to travel there ourselves, we join Korail package. During registration, the receptionist was very patient and nice explain to us in broken English. He even print out a translated version itinerary. During the trip, some of the tour guide able to speak good English. They were really helpful in giving  the assembly time to us. We really have good experiences with Korea tour guide.


Silver was our Sabah trip tour guide. I really enjoy chatting with him. He specialize in bird watching tour. During his free time, he study different kind of bird and listen to their chirp. He usually bring special request tourists for bird watching. It was interesting to see him recognize or track a bird in the forest. Birdwatching tour was very unique. Tour guide and tourist were required to stay in forest for more than 2 weeks. I am very fortunate to  know adventurous tour guide.

There are many different kind of jobs in the world. Tour guides were doing their job too. I am very happy to know different countries tour guide. Like Mat Gibson mentioned that There are treasure everywhere.  Many other tourism related job I would like to explore soon.


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